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RUNAWAYS 1x08: Tsunami

There are far too many cooks in these kitchens.

RUNAWAYS 1x08: Tsunami

PRIDE attempts to do damage control in Victor’s lab. Robert and Tina arrive first, followed soon after by the Wilders. They text The Yorkes—who are dropping off Molly at her “cousin” Graciela’s—”TSUNAMI.” Leslie, who wasn’t invited because she’s too close to Jonah, arrives (after overhearing Karolina calling Nico) and calls Frank to come with his healing gloves. Jonah arrives at the lab, right after Victor’s heart stops beating, and tells PRIDE that they’re going sacrifice Janet in order to bring Victor back. Robert tries to sacrifice himself, but Tina destroys the sacrifice box instead. Jonah pops Victor inside the remaining box, and says that he’ll stay alive, for a little while.

Nico once again grills Alex about how he knew Tina’s password, and Alex tells her about the night Amy died. In a flashback, Alex thinks about finding a hack on Amy’s computer, and how Amy had hacked Wizard. Alex thinks she maybe killed herself over the stress of it, but Nico questions the events of Amy’s suicide and why Tina would cover it up. Nico finds Amy’s phone, and plugs it in to charge, as the video finally decrypts and Alex calls everyone to meet up. Chase and Karolina don’t want Alex to release the video, and Chase destroys Alex’s laptop. When Amy’s phone turns on, the last text she received appears—and it’s a warning to run.

Graciela gives Molly an envelope from her parents. Inside, there’s a note that reads “find Elian,” and a key. Molly’s confused, since Elian is her stuffed elephant. She figures out that her parents mean for her to go to the train station where they once found Elian after Molly left it on the train, so she sneaks out. At the station, she finds a VHS tape in a locker.

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- Way to (try to) be selfless, Robert.

Runaways and Runanays

Winner: Victor. He’s not quite dead … yet.

Loser: Alex. The guy is only trying to do the right thing, and he’s getting nothing but guff for it.

Speech Bubbles

“Alex, you can’t keep the circumstances of my sister’s suicide a secret and then blame my lipstick.”—Nico

“You’re making this worse, Dale!”—Molly
“I tend to do that when I don’t know what to say.”—Dale

“Okay, I know this is hard to understand right now, but hopefully, in time, you’ll see we had your best interests at heart.”—Stacey
“I hope so. But until then … bite me, Stacey.”—Molly

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“So you guys, you all took Jonah’s gifts and got success and fame, and I got an abusive megalomaniac.”—Janet

Find Out Next Time ...

- Was Tina involved with the Hernandez’s death, like Geoffrey seems to believe?

- What happened to cause PRIDE to de-involve Frank?

- Who killed Amy, and what did she know about her parents/PRIDE that necessitated her death?

- Who is Graciela, really? Was her calling Molly “queen” mean anything other than a nice nickname?

- What’s on the VHS tape Molly found?

I think there are two more episodes in the season, and I’m pretty sure we won’t see any running away until the finale. What say you? Let’s discuss in the comments!


Next episode: “Doomsday”

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