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YA Onscreen: Over And Bored Of The OVERBOARD Remake

It's one thing to be an unnecessary remake and an even worse thing to be a lame remake, but this new Overboard is going all out.

YA Onscreen: Over And Bored Of The OVERBOARD Remake

Thanks for taking a break from your new gadgets and gizmos to join me for a day-after-Christmas YA Onscreen! Now we enter that vague week between Christmas and New Year’s where countdown lists reign supreme and you finally have to pin down your NYE plans. It was a fairly quiet news weekend, but let’s see what we can scrounge up:

There’s finally a trailer for this abomination of a remake for Overboard. The more I watch, the more I just ask, “Why?” This movie lived and died on Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn's chemistry, plus it was the '80s, so we can handwave away the problematic plot to a Hollywood that didn't know better. But is this really supposed to fly in 2018?

Which famous Chris had the best 2017?

The Last Jedi has been getting some mixed reviews, and while most tend to view the original trilogy as one that could do no wrong (except for those people who really hate the Ewoks), this old fan magazine that printed reader comments proves that The Empire Strikes Back definitely elicited some thoughts.

Everything leaving Netflix in January and coming to Netflix in January.

No surprise here, as we all knew she was a clever lady: Carrie Fisher wrote some of her best lines in The Last Jedi.

Did you watch the movie Bright on Netflix (you know, the one starring Will Smith)? If you haven’t, don’t bother.

If you missed this SNL parody about Hallmark Christmas movies, well, you’re welcome.

The results of when two HuffPo writers decide to binge on 7 days of Made-For-TV Christmas movies.

Black Panther actors discuss their hopes for the film’s cultural impact.

That's it for me! I'm heading outside to try to work off the metric ton of Christmas cookies I've eaten over the last four days...

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