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RUNAWAYS 1x10: Hostile

Time to run.

RUNAWAYS 1x10: Hostile

The kids and PRIDE face off at the dig site, and the kids are able to hold their own until Jonah arrives. He reveals his true nature, which is awful similar to Karolina’s, and she sacrifices herself to give the other kids an opportunity to run. They head to the woods near the Hollywood sign to regroup; Gert finally gives Old Lace a name before sending her off to hide on her own. They make a plan to rescue Karolina, which involves Chase and Molly infiltrating the Church of Gibborim. They think they’ve talked Leslie’s assistant, Vaughn, into helping them, but Leslie’s once again pulling the strings.

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Meanwhile, the Yorkes investigate the dig site, trying to figure out what’s at the bottom of the hole. Using sonar, they discover that whatever’s at the bottom .. is alive. They finally decide that they’ve had enough, and they make a plan to use the creature against Jonah. Janet, Tina, Robert and Leslie join them, and they’re reinvigorated when Leslie reveals that Jonah had a hand in Amy’s murder. Jonah’s back at the Church, getting mysterious texts, using Frank, petting Victor’s pod, and flaking all over again.

After Alex makes a shady deal with Darius, earning him a huge wad of cash, the kids head to a bus depot, hoping to to get out of town. There, however, they see a news alert that they’re wanted on suspicion of kidnapping Molly and killing Destiny.

So … they run.


- Echoing what I said last week: Leslie is in, DEEP.

- Framed for murder?!

Runaways and Runanays

Winner: Old Lace. She finally got a (canonical) name!

Loser: Leslie. I know love blinds, but what a hateful woman. She did so much horribleness in Jonah’s name.

Speech Bubbles

“If it was me in her place, I’d want you guys to go.”—Chase
“Well, if it was you in her place, we would.”—Nico

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“It’s also my first day without my emotional support dinosaur, so … I’ll be fine.”—Gert

“He’s been using all of us.”—Leslie
“No shit.”—Stacey
You think?”—Dale

“If we killed you tonight in this basement, no one would ever know.”—Tina

“Does Arizona like brown people? I don’t think they do.”—Molly

Find Out Next Time ...

- What’s alive at the bottom of the hole?

- What kind of deal did Alex make with Darius to get him all that cash?

- Who was Geoffrey about to call to keep the kids safe?

- So the kids finally ran, but where are they running to? And who framed them for Destiny’s murder? (Whomever was on the other end of that anonymous text to Jonah?)


And that’s a wrap for season one. What are your overall thoughts? Will you be watching season two? Any predictions for where the show goes from here? Let’s discuss in the comments!

Next episode: Season two!

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