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YA Onscreen: April 2018 Is Our New Favorite Month

Why, you ask? Because that is when The 100 is gracing us once again with its presence. Plus more Runaways, and a deleted scene from The Breakfast Club

YA Onscreen: April 2018 Is Our New Favorite Month

Hello, my lovelies, thanks for joining me for another installment of YA Onscreen. Is anyone else still exhausted after the holidays? Join me in the procrastinating of taking down the Christmas decorations (please tell me it’s not just me?) and let’s look at Bellamy's bearded face for two hours at some links:

We finally have release dates for some of our fave CW shows: The 100, iZombie, and The Originals, plus, ya know, others. 

ICYMI, FYAer Meredith wrote about her excitement over the news that Kiernan Shipka will be playing Sabrina in Netflix's upcoming comic book adaptation.

Activists joined actresses at the Golden Globes on Sunday night. 

Speaking of the Golden Globes, watch Natalie Portman throw some perfect shade on…all the people who vote in the nominees, I guess? (Regardless, her facial expressions were on point.) 

Runaways scores a second season on Hulu, even though they should really just rename the damn show already to Stayathomes

Helena Bonham Carter has been tagged in for the older iteration of Princess Margaret in the next series of The Crown

The first look at the “gritty” reimagining of Robin Hood is…strange. 

The creator of Life Sentence puts a stop to rumors that the show makes cancer “too pretty”.

Sigh. We had to know it wouldn’t take long for one of these live-action Disney movies featuring non-white protagonists to shoot itself in the foot. Aladdin is already being criticized for “browning up” white extras from the UK for crowd scenes. 

First look at Supergirl’s Mon-El in his superhero suit

Care to watch a deleted scene of Ally Sheedy and Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club

Why Netflix’s Lovesick will restore your faith in romantic comedies

That’s all we’ve got for the week! Let us know your thoughts below!

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