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YA Onscreen: Dawson And The Gang Turn The Big 2-0!

Dawson's Creek celebrates twenty years and we all feel suuuuper old.

YA Onscreen: Dawson And The Gang Turn The Big 2-0!

Welcome to another week of YA Onscreen! Let’s see what news  we can dig up:

Prepare to feel a bit old: Dawson’s Creek turned 20 this week. Creator Kevin Williamson did a great interview about the start of the show and where he sees the characters today. 

If you’re feeling nostalgic, feel free to pop on an episode and follow along with our rewatch project. Cosmo has a list of the 43 (strangely specific) thoughts you probably had while watching the pilot. Sure.  

Can’t let Kevin have all the fun: Katie Holmes also looks back on the Creek, albeit with a lot less detail. 

And to add to all that, the 10 most gut-wrenching episodes that still stick with you twenty years later. 

The Heathers remake showrunner discusses why they chose to make all the Heathers from marginalized groups

Looks like Matt Smith has to make one more transformation (#lameDoctorWhojokes), this time turning into Paul Bettany as he reportedly secured the right to play older Prince Philip for The Crown’s third season. 

Check out the nominees for the 2018 Razzies. Pretty sure from the trailers alone that The Emoji Movie should be winning all the awards. 

How will the Pretty Little Liars spinoff differ from the original show

Timeless returns on March 11! 

Jamie Dornan (looking quite fetch with that beard; he should always have a beard) recalls an embarrassing moment on The Graham Norton Show about…well, I’ll just let him tell it

Yet another trailer for A Wrinkle in Time: 

Wonder Woman 2 will be the first film to implement The PGA’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines during the production of the movie. You go, ladies. 

Former Degrassi alum, Shannon Kook, has a secret role in the finale of The 100’s fifth season. Hold on, it hasn’t even premiered yet—I don’t want to talk about it already ending! 

Netflix apparently selects the graphics it displays for each TV show based on your viewing history and preferences. That’s, uh, very personal of you, Netflix. 

That’s it for this week! Do you remember where you were when you first watched Dawson’s Creek? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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