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YA Onscreen: The DANCE ACADEMY Movie Is Finally Dancing Its Way To America

My body (has been) ready for more Dance Academy since, like, yesterday, plus we meet the new Sabrina's Salem, and are we down for a Willy Wonka prequel?

YA Onscreen: The DANCE ACADEMY Movie Is Finally Dancing Its Way To America

Welcome to another week of YA Onscreen! Happy Galentine’s Day to all the noble land mermaids out there! Here’s some links to discuss with your gal-pals.

Stop the presses! Dance Academy: The Comeback is finally making its way to the US! It will premiere in select cities (of which mine is one; yes, it’s okay to be jealous) on March 2 and then be available on DVD everywhere on April 3.

The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik is the next forthcoming YA novel that has already been optioned to become a movie by Paramount Players

Check out these adorable kids recreating the posters of the Black Panther:

Kim Cattrall is not here for Sarah Jessica Parker’s false sympathy

Season 2 trailer for A Series of Unfortunate Events:

Everything we know so far about the upcoming season of The 100

Would you be excited for another Willy Wonka movie? (My answer: No, Johnny Depp ruined all things WW for me.)

Meet Netflix’s Sabrina’s Salem! He’s…a black kitty, albeit a cute kitty. It looks like they are going the live animal route and skipping the animatronics of the Melissa Joan Hart era. 

New photos from the first episode of the second season of Timeless, returning on March 11. 

Should Zac Efron keep his beard like this ALL the time?

Instead of going out on V-Day, stay home and snuggle with your sweetie and force them request to watch one of these romantic movies on Netflix

That’s it for the week. Let us know what news items you’ve seen in the comments below!

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