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IZOMBIE 4x01: Are You Ready For Some Zombies?

Seattle’s survived the zombie outbreak, but the promised utopia is feeling some strain.

IZOMBIE 4x01: Are You Ready For Some Zombies?

Previously, on iZombie: The season 3 finale sees Seattle become the first U.S. city to “welcome” zombies into their populace.

Grey Matters

Clint Hicks, a Seattle Seahawks superfan and zombie hater is found dead at a brain processing plant. When Clive and Liv go to Clint’s house to investigate, Clint’s wife, Kelly, tell them that Clint was in a “war” with a guy at work, Doc Greeley, who’s from San Francisco. Although the two of them took their dislike of each other too far, Liv has a vision of a Fillmore-Graves soldier talking about selling brain tubes on the black market that lead them in a different direction. They go to The Scratching Post to investigate the guy, and he’s a douche, but likely not the killer. It’s not until Liv sees a graffitied Z on her apartment door that she realizes that someone in Clint’s family was a zombie. When the return to the Hicks house, Liv has a vision of Clint pushing his son Zorn down the stairs and Sorn threatening him. Turns out, the killer was Kelly. She tried to frame Greeley, but killed her husband because he gave her an ultimatum: him or Zorn.

Meanwhile, Major’s unit has a run-in with masked dudes with molotov cocktails who might be part of an anti-zombie group, the Dead Enders. Back at headquarters, Chase gives him a new assignment: Working with the large amounts of newly homeless zombie youth on the streets of Seattle. During a focus group, the kids tell it like it is: things aren’t great on the streets, and many of them are going hungry. Major thinks his job is to listen and help, but Chase has ulterior motives of fleshing out the Fillmore-Graves soldier ranks with the group’s best and most promising.

Although it looks like Ravi’s zombie vaccine works, while doing an autopsy, Ravi’s tempted by—and eats—a cadaver’s brain. The vaccine is effective, but he still turns semi-zombie every so often.

GIFs via izombiesource

And, after being treated like chopped liver, Blaine’s goon Dino pulls Angus out of the well, but he gets a hammer to the head for his troubles. Angus, who’s gone slightly crazy while being stuck in the well and believes he heard the voice of God when he was just hearing Blaine’s whinging, finds a zombie church. He kills the preacher, and feeds the congregation with the brains.

Brain Melt

- I’ll never look at a GoGurt the same way again.

- A guillotine for zombies?! Way harsh, Chase.

- Ravi’s a zombie! And a nudist naturist! (At least temporarily.)

Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Angus. Dude gets out of the well and stumbles upon an opportunity ripe for leadership.

Loser: Major. He just means so dang well! And is always getting used because of it.

Words With a Bite

“What the cuss?”—Blaine

“Love you. Mean it. Ciao.”—Blaine

GIFs via izombiesource

“Zombies are the worst. Pale-assed, brain-eating bitches.”—Liv

“You got the wrong place. The pancake house where the cops eat for free? It’s just down the street.”—Don E.

“Away, ivory cur. Thou art a boil. Tarry not, lest ye be lanced.”—Roche
“You heard the man. All bull pizzles hit the road.”—Blaine

“Clip your nails, no epic fails.”—Mayor Baracus’s date

GIFs via rocktheholygrail

Picking Your Brain

- Has Major been working out over the hiatus? His guns are looking quite swole.

- What’s the story with Dale and Clive? And since when is Dale following the “Liv Moore” method of investigation?

- Who’s running the brain tube black market, if not for Blaine?

- Who’s the lame dude Peyton’s dating? (And do we want her to get together with Blaine, or back with Ravi? I’m so torn.)

- Will Angus’ crazy wear off, or will he become a huge problem for everyone?

- Was anyone else really underwhlemed by this season premiere?

Let’s discuss in the comments!

Next episode: “Blue Bloody.”


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