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Finally. FINALLY!


It feels like we've been patiently awaiting the arrival of the Dance Academy movie for centuries, but really, it's only been a little less than three years.

Um yeah. THREE YEARS YOU GUYS. Three years since we last basked in Abigail's sass, swooned over Christian, loved on the Benster and hated on Grace. What have we been doing since then? How have we been LIVING?

So it's no wonder that I'm still pinching myself over the fact that Dance Academy: The Comeback arrives in the U.S. tomorrow! 

The stateside premiere was this week, and I loved seeing our beloved ballerinas get all dolled up:

From left to right: Joanna Werner (Executive Producer), Dena Kaplan, Alicia Banit, Xenia Goodwin, Miranda Otto and Jeffery Walker (Director). Photo credit: Cinedigm.

The film arrives in select theaters and on digital and demand tomorrow (March 2), and you best believe we'll have a review posted here on FYA so we can DISCUSS OUR HEARTS OUT.

Here's a clip to tide you over in the meantime, though fair warning, it will only increase your desire to see the movie to unbearable levels because... IS BEN DYING? NO. He can't be?! The writers wouldn't do that to us after [spoiler redacted].

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