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IZOMBIE 4x02: Blue Bloody

This week reveals some fractures in the Team Z relationships. At least Ravioli are forever!

IZOMBIE 4x02: Blue Bloody

Previously on iZombie: In quarantined New Seattle, you’re either barely getting by on Fillmore-Graves brain tube rations, or you’re dining on swanky brain food with the mayor at Blaine’s newest establishment. Major is forced to recruit new soldiers from his youth group, to fill the flagging Fillmore-Graves ranks. And wily Angus escaped from his prison well and immediately becomes the new zombie preacher in town.

Grey Matters

Two rich old golfing biddies chat, while one of them aims for the groundskeepers, because she’s the worst. It’s not the least bit shocking when a karmic golf ball right in the eye turns her into the victim of the week. While investigating the scene, the team locates a golf ball launcher hidden in the swamp. Liv makes a brain martini to get to the bottom of it all.

A freshly shaven Angus has gone full on tent revival at the zombie church. He’s urging them to rise up and take what they want (God’s words through him, obvs). Not to be offensive, but he’s got some gullible brain-eaters up in there. The FG soldier from last week shakes down the guy he’s got running his brain tube black market. The soldier gets away just as Angus brings his parishioners to break it up, and kills the black market guy, creating yet another power vacuum. He commandeers a truck bed for a parade float of sorts, to lure in new parishioners with little bits of brain candy. He’s pretty good at this stuff. Blaine is going to be pissed he didn’t think of it.

Clive and Dale are struggling to maintain a normal relationship now that she’s zombified. He goes to Ravi for some advice on which kind of pharmaceutical could best tamp down his sex drive. Ravi prescribes an anti-anxiety med to decrease Clive’s libido. Dale finds the scrip, and doesn’t want him to have to resort to that, but Clive is out of ideas.

With Liv on Mrs. Briggs brain, she’s gone full-on country club hair, Driving Miss Daisy. When she and Clive arrive at the victim’s house, her chauffeur seems to be disposing of her belongings in an unseemly quick fashion. They learn Mrs. Briggs had a long-standing feud with her son, and then there’s her entire staff, which Clive is positive all hated her, and are lying about it. Later, Liv has a vision of Mrs. Briggs staff playing with a golf ball launcher. They bring in her staff, to inform them that they’re beneficiaries of Mrs. Briggs’ will, in an effort to see which one of them isn’t surprised to hear it. They figure out the chef is behind it, but she needed the money for her sick son’s surgery, and she begs them to get him out of New Seattle to ensure her confession. Ravi tries to help Liv sneak the child out of the militarized zone in a hearse, and find the checkpoint under Major’s jurisdiction. Despite his anger, and over-eager new recruits, he lets them pass through.

When Liv gets back, she and Major have a pretty huge blowout over Liv’s holier than thou attitude about Fillmore-Graves, and Major’s disgust with her risking his life without a thank. They seem to have some pretty insurmountable philosophical differences, and they end their relationship arrangement that WE HARDLY GOT TO SEE. But, you know, call me, Major!

Brain Melt

- We get quite the reveal about what Liv and Major have been up to over hiatus. And of course he makes breakfast.

- The delight on Ravi’s face when Clive comes to him with a sexual problem? ME TOO, RAVI. And in case we don’t say it enough? Ravi is simply the best.

GIF via waytoomanyhobbies

- Mama Leone! Rob Thomas does love his Veronica Mars references. Also? It’s Jaleesa from a A Different World! (Google it, kids.)

Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Angus. UGH. This guy.

Loser: Liv and Major. You’re both in time-out until you can work your shizz out.

Words With a Bite

“You’re a nice man, but you’d be so much nicer if I couldn’t hear you.” - Liv

GIF via izombiesource

“Why don’t you just work on being the strong, silent, type?” - Liv

“It’s like taking separate cars to the same... fireworks show.” - Ravi

Picking Your Brain

GIF via supagirl

- I was worried Clive had simply given up even trying to reign in Liv’s more obnoxious personality quirks when she’s coasting on victim brain. But really, try harder Clive!

- I am soooo uncomfortable with the new baby Fillmore-Graves recruits. Surely, even in a zombie apocalypse, we have to abide by child labor laws? Also, what’s going to happen to Jordan now that she scratched someone? Uh, didn't Chase say something about a guillotine?

- The leader of the rebel coyotes that are going to get the kid out of the sector recognize Liv and Ravi on sight. How? And what can that mean going forward?

- Despite that fact that it’s likely to get muddled with the anti-zombie sentiment, I’m really into the class warfare that’s shaping up. Are you? But I still don’t want Liv and Major on opposite sides of it!

Next episode: "Brainless in Seattle, Part 1"


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