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YA Onscreen: New ROSWELL Has Found Its Max

Can Nathan Parsons fill the Behr-shaped hole in our Roswell-loving hearts? Plus the rest of the cast is fleshed out, the Oscars continue to be dull, and The Power of Three is completed.

YA Onscreen: New ROSWELL Has Found Its Max

Good afternoon and thanks for joining me for our weekly YA Onscreen chat. Is anyone else on Spring Break? Nothing like hanging out in your house mid-morning on a Tuesday in your PJs. Also, I highly recommend, if you haven’t already, staying up too late while binging on Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye. It is delightful. And while we lounge on the couch recovering from that, let’s look at some links to keep us entertained.

The Oscars kept it safe and a bit dull this past weekend after last year’s Best Picture debacle. Here are the 22 best and worst moments, as well as the most awkward moments.

This amusing song by Lonely Island was pitched for the Oscars but was a logistical nightmare so was dismissed, but you can watch the storyboarded video for it and use your imagination. 

Robert Lopez, of Frozen fame and now with a newly minted Oscar for Best Song from Coco, has become the first ever person to get a double EGOT. 

ICYMI, head over to Posh's review of Dance Academy: The Comeback to squeal with us about Christian all the gang.

Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon have teamed up to produce and star in a TV adaptation of Celeste Ng’s book, Little Fires Everywhere

A new teaser trailer for Mary Poppins Returns:

Another week, another Charmed casting. We’ve officially got our three sisters with the casting of Madeleine Mantock as the final sibling, Macy, a brilliant geneticist who discovers the supernatural world is real. Plus the sisters’ Whitelighter (that's a guardian angel to the uninitiated) will be played by Rupert Evans, currently starring in Man in the High Castle.   

Black Mirror will be returning for a fifth season

A inspiring little video to get you more excited about the opening of A Wrinkle in Time this week. 

Sweetbitter was a hyped book bandied about a couple of years ago and is now a STARZ miniseries. It looks…insufferable, to be honest. Is this “wayward small-town girl moves to NYC, fails for a while and then gets city-savvy” story played out or am I just an Old now?

Darn JLo and her busy schedule means NBC is pushing back Bye Bye Birdie Live! until 2019. Where are your priorities, Lopez? No more Will & Grace cameos! 

The Flash’s Iris debuts as a speedster in next week’s episode, and TVLine has the first look

LOTS of Roswell casting news this week. We’ve got our Max, Michael, Isobel, Alex, and Maria. Here at FYA HQ we’re a bit concerned that this is going to be a straight reboot with all the same characters—we were hoping for a loosely-based type show with the potential for OC cameos. Whomp whomp. They certainly picked someone who had Behr-esque vibes, at least in that main photo in the link. Thoughts?

That’s it for the week! Let us know what we missed in the comments below.

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