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IZOMBIE 4x03: Brainless In Seattle, Part 1

The seedy underbelly of Zombieland Seattle rears its ugly head.

IZOMBIE 4x03: Brainless In Seattle, Part 1

Previously, on iZombie: Liv eats the brain of a horrible woman and is horrible to everyone in return; Angus leans into his new prophet role; and Major and Liv struggle with the way their lives have changed thanks to Seattle turning into Zombieland.

Grey Matters

A coyote sneaks a woman (Annie) into Seattle, but Clive and Co. find her the next morning, dead … and missing most of her brain. After eating a bit, Liv meets Allan Fox, Annie’s “boyfriend” who she met on a Bridget Jones’s Diary chat room. She immediately “falls” for Allan (sigh), thanks to Annie’s hopeless romantic brain, and forces Peyton and Ravi to go with her to human-zombie night at The Scratching Post.

Major tries to deal with Jordan’s accidental scratching, but Chase is preoccupied with a flier for something called the Darwin Project, which is offering a huge monetary reward for zombies who sneak out of Seattle and submit themselves for genetic testing. Chase’s underlings are more concerned with the brain shortage, however, and the coyote Renegade. Chase asks Blaine to look into Renegade, and he finds a lead with a brain supplier named Dalton (who conveniently happens to have Annie’s brain).

Renegade pays a visit to Liv; when Live shows her a sketch of Annie’s coyote, Renegade tells her about Bruce, a really bad egg whose outfit frequently takes advantage of their clients. A vision leads Liv and Clive to a furnace, where they find a bunch of bones—likely from Bruce’s clients—and they decide that they have a serial killer on their hands.

Brain Melt

- 4 to 6 months is not a lot of time, and brains aren’t really a sustainable resource.

- Makeover montage!

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Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Ravi. He was full-on delight this episode, both for us viewers and those bachelorette party ladies at human-zombie night.

Loser: Liv. I could barely stand to watch her this episode. The lack of actual Liv personality is so frustrating (as we’ve discussed in the comments sections of this season’s recaps) and makes her my least favorite part of the show now.

Words With a Bite

“So now, Harrison Ford loves millennials and haunted houses.”—Ravi

GIFs via ghoulscott.tumblr.com

“One guy’s whack is another snack.”—Ravi

“Chase Graves is here? Is that normal? Should I bring him a hooker?”— Don E.
“I’m good with water.”—Chase

“Romero’s does not take Le Dome’s sloppy seconds.”—Don E.

“It’s like watching R2-D2 stick his extension arm into the Grand Canyon.”—Ravi
“Sick robot callback.”—Peyton
“Ooh! *high five*”—Ravi

“Clive won’t eat soup dumplings because they have too many secrets.”—Liv

“Liv, it better have been a good one, because I’m starting to forget why I put up with this.”—Clive

Picking Your Brain

- When Chase’s underlings said Renegade’s outfit is turning humans into zombies, that means they’re helping people, right? Not actually evil/turning people for funsies? (I fear for that sweet little boy from last episode.)

- Liv’s favorite song is the Space Jam theme song?

- Do we think Clive and Dale have an understanding re: sexual things, or is Dale really cheating on him?

- As someone who watches a lot of Criminal Minds, I don’t feel like Bruce is a serial killer? I feel like he’s a bad dude who takes advantage of people, but I’m not seeing any sort of real pattern other than that he kills a bunch of people. (Perhaps I’m thinking about this the wrong, pop-culture-influenced way.)

Let’s discuss in the comments!

Next episode: “Brainless in Seattle, Part 2.”


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