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IZOMBIE 4x04: Brainless in Seattle, Part 2

Human-Zombie Night is the best night of the week.

IZOMBIE 4x04: Brainless in Seattle, Part 2

Previously on iZombie: Life in New Seattle can be pretty bleak, and human-zombie relations remain fraught. Liv falls in love at the drop of a hat on hopeless romantic brain. And Liv saw Bozzio kissing someone who’s not Clive at The Scratching Post.

Grey Matters

Clive and Liv stake out the incinerator where the coyote serial killer has been burning his debrained victims. And Liv is now monologuing like Carrie Bradshaw as she’s still coasting on the crumbs of hopeless romantic brian.

Chase is pissy with the Major and the new recruits, who haven’t yet tracked down the video of Jordan scratching a human, before it leaks to the media. She doesn’t seem to grasp how bad it would look for all of them. Tucker, the newly turned douchebag zombie tries to meet up with his old friends, but they don’t seem so psyched to hang out with him. His best friend gives him a gun and tells him to do the right thing (kill himself). Tucker snatches the phone with the incriminating video, but can’t bring himself to pull the trigger. Then he finds himself at Angus’ zombie church, in the midst of a fiery anti-Fillmore-Graves sermon.

Liv posts a creepy missed connection, in hopes of seeing Tim at human-zombie night again. Clive decides they should use the same site to track Bruce, the presumed serial killer coyote. Ravi plays the decoy, and meets Bruce at the warehouse with the incinerator. The sting successfully arrests Bruce before he can shoot Ravi with the murder weapon.

Blaine has a vision of Renegade operating out of a laundromat. When Liv goes to visit her to find out more about the coyote serial killer, Mama Leone tells Liv that she doesn’t remember how she was turned into a zombie, but when she woke up, she received a phone call from a creep who said he'd supply her with food, for a price. She tried to expose Blaine’s murdery Meat Cute operation, but the police wouldn’t do anything about it, even when her husband was murdered. And that’s when she first saw Liv and knew what she was doing in the morgue. Later, Blaine has another vision, of Mama Leone scratching the Parkinson’s guy from last week, and now he knows where her base is. He and Chief go to collect her and deposit her at Chase’s feet.

Major and the recruits hunt down Tucker’s friends at the bar, where he finds out that Tucker now has the video. They track him to Zombie Church, and collect the phone while surrounded by creepy zealots. They only make it out alive because Brother Love lets them, but threatens to kill Major if he ever shows up again wearing “the devil’s cloth.”

Major takes the recruits to The Scratching Post, where Liv, Ravi, and Peyton also show up, because no one can resist human-zombie night. Shockingly, Liv’s new true love turned out to be a zombie supremacist with a terrible name. She finds this out just in time to join her true soulmates, her friends, for the human-zombie dance-off. Please let them do this every week.

Brain Melt

- Every single word that came out of Blaine's loose lips. I just love that murderous bastard.

GIF via rocktheholygrail

- Major is really hot when he shoots up a bar. I just have to put that out there.

- Robbie needing to be in character, with a different English accent, to lure the coyote. I just can’t.

- Major on wrestler blue brain! WHYYY does his voice sound like that? It should bother me, but I just can’t be mad at Buckley.

GIF via rocktheholygrail

Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Chase. He can suppress the cellphone video (thanks to Major) and now he has the zombie virus spreading do-gooder Renegade in custody. And that looking he gave her? YIKES.

Loser: Clive. He admits to Liv that he’s in an open relationship in hopes of making it work with Dale, but he’s really unhappy about it.

Words With a Bite

“I’m sorry! I’m on these loose-lip brains, and hence the... loose lips." - Blaine

GIF via rocktheholygrail

“Was that your attempt at a meet cute?” - Clive
“It was really more of a mug cute.” - Liv

“I know Nancy Meyers is holding your brain hostage, so I’m gonna let that one slide.” - Peyton

“Ravi is a good liar. Like Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping good.” - Liv
“Really? I thought he was chewing too much scenery.” - Clive

Picking Your Brain

- Blaine tells Don E. that he has the zombie cure, and Tanner keeps forgetting to lock the door. Do we think these two things might come back to bite him in the ass?

- What is Chase is gonna do to Mama Leone? And please don’t let him find out that Major helped Liv get to her.

- Is there any way Clive and Dale are gonna be able to stay together?

- How invested are you in human-zombie night dance-offs? Let's talk about it in the comments!

Next episode: “Goon Struck”


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