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YA Onscreen: It’s Looking Dire For The Avengers In This Latest Trailer

We're only about a month out from Avengers: Infinity War(!), plus we've got, yep, you guessed it, more reboot news, and we're still not over Love, Simon

YA Onscreen: It’s Looking Dire For The Avengers In This Latest Trailer

Thanks for joining me this week for YA Onscreen. I’ve got a plane to catch, so no time for idle chitchat—let’s hit the links!

First off, did you watch Love, Simon yet? It. Was. So. Good! Really hit all the right notes like (good) teen movies of yore. Come geek out with us if you have watched it! 

There’s still a lot of buzz surrounding the movie: here’s an interview with the writers about what they changed or cut and where they see queer cinema going, plus an interview with the author herself and how she feels about the movie, and the actor who plays Bram (also Ollie from Dance Academy! talks about his own coming out—on set

I feel like I must have missed when they moved Avengers: Infinity War to end of April. Guys—that’s just about a month away! If you haven’t watched it, here’s the final trailer and things look intense:

Everyone’s getting a little love in the trailer and the movie is already breaking advance ticket sales, beating out Black Panther. 

Will & Grace has been renewed through season 11 before season 9 is even over. I wasn’t wowed by the return premiere, but I guess it’s hitting the right notes with some people! 

Here’s some key differences between the new Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the Melissa Joan Hart version. In addition, the new series has cast The 100 alum Tati Gabrielle as one of Sabrina’s witchy archenemies

Speaking of MJH, there’s talk of rebooting Clarissa Explains It All with Melissa as the mom to a new Clarissa-esque character. Can we get the parents to return as the grandparents? 

The Outlander team has confirmed that Jamie and Brianna will finally meet face-to-face in season four

We are in reboot hell, people. Disney has announced that Charlie Bean will be directing the Fall 2019 live action/CG adaptation of Lady and the Tramp. This was another of my childhood faves. I'm getting tired of even getting upset at this point. (But if it doesn’t contain the amazing song “He’s a Tramp”, we riot.) 

A fifth season for Sherlock is, at least for Martin Freeman, a long-shot, and he sort of blames the fan expectations. I’ve also read he’s very fed up with the fans who demand Sherlock and Watson end up together romantically and then get raging mad when they don’t. 

The CW’s finale dates for shows like The Flash, Riverdale, and Supernatural.

That's all we've got for this week! Let us know what you're reading about in the comments.

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