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YA Onscreen: Gina Rodriguez Dons The Sandiego Trenchcoat

Gina Rodriguez is all about Carmen Sandiego, plus KBell and NPH give away free movie tickets, and how exactly are Bellamy and Raven "forever bonded"?

YA Onscreen: Gina Rodriguez Dons The Sandiego Trenchcoat

Welcome to another week of YA Onscreen! I had to wade through multiple articles about Stormy Daniels and the highest ratings 60 Minutes has received in years to find these entertainment nuggets, so I’m basically like a modern-day prospector, except instead of gold I collect YA-relevant news. Let’s hit the links!

The Miseducation of Cameron Post gets a late summer release date

Don’t blame Black Panther for other movies not doing well at the box office

Speaking of, diversity is dominating the box office this quarter

We reported a while back that Gina Rodriguez was going to be playing Carmen Sandiego in Netflix’s 2019 animated series, but apparently she really wants to put on the outfit, too! She’ll be producing and starring in a live action film adaptation, also for Netflix. 

The CW is doing a faux crossover of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and iZombie! Rachel Bloom will be guest-starring as the murder victim in an upcoming episode, playing a “pretentious theater actor”. 

Love, Simon and the surprising portrayals of parental support during the coming-out narrative.  

New posters for Avengers: Infinity Wars show off the Infinity Stones with a monochromatic palette. 

Netflix's rebooted and adorable Queer Eye has been officially renewed for a second season

This article about The 100’s Bellamy and Raven being “forever bonded” had my Bellarke heart all a-flutter, but never fear—it’s a lot less sexy than it sounds. 

In more The 100 news, Octavia’s going to have a “destructive and dark” path in Season 5…didn’t she already have one of those after Lincoln? Can O just get some happiness, please and thank you? 

Some Stranger Things season 3 updates: it’s going to be set in the summer of 1985, Mike and Eleven will still be a thang, and Cool Babysitter Steve is going to have a larger role. 

It’s about time for Chris Carter to take a step back from The X-Files

More info about Riverdale’s April 18 musical episode, because everyone has to have a musical episode. 

How the soundtrack to Love, Simon gets teen movie music right

Last tidbit about the movie, I swear. More reasons to love Kristen Bell and NPH: they bought out entire theaters of Love, Simon to give away free screenings, which in turn inspired other people in Hollywood to do so.

More actors (including the ever-adorable Lee Pace) have joined Captain Marvel

The first trailer for the final season of The Originals has arrived. 

That’s it for the week! Let us know what we missed in the comments below.

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