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IZOMBIE 4x06: My Really Fair Lady

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes... Is surely how long it takes to bake cinnamon brain rolls in a toaster oven.

IZOMBIE 4x06: My Really Fair Lady

Previously on iZombie: Chase made an example of Renegade and sent her to the guillotine, and Liv vowed to take on her cause. Clive struggles with adjusting to his open relationship. Ravi’s zombie cure has an occasional side effect. Peyton felt somewhat responsible for a zombie bus crash.

Grey Matters

Rachel Bloom from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is here to provide Liv’s wacky brain of the week. Musical director, Nellie, stages a production of Rent in New Seattle, where she’s rewritten it so the zombie virus stands in for the AIDS virus. The audience of ten loved it.

Peyton is dealing with the surviving family members of the bus crash caused by the starving zombie bus driver. One of the family members wants her to see if she can find out where one of the victims left their dog. Peyton asks Liv to eat the brain to find out, but Ravi nixes that idea, due to the victim being a heroin addict. She ends up the eating musical theater brain instead.

Liv tries to convince Mama Leone’s former associates to let her take Mama’s place in the underground zombie railroad, but they don’t trust her. When an abandoned cargo container of smuggled humans needs to be rescued, Liv comes up with a crazy plan to get them out. There’s a script, and costumes. It’s a lot, but also, a success.

Clive agrees to a date with the cute rookie cop. But then, Johnny Frost shows up at the police station to lead the sexual harassment seminar, and it becomes clear to rookie Michelle that Clive and Dale are a thing. Clive levels with her about his relationship. She wishes him luck, but she’s not into it. Dale overhears the entire thing. This can’t end well.

Travis shows up to dumpster dive at Romero’s, and gets a look at Blaine’s less than sympathetic nature. Later, Blaine comes back to find the zombie church having a sit-in at Romero’s, and he finally knows Daddy isn’t in the well. Angus coerces him into agreeing to feed the congregation once a week.

Ravi’s monthly zombie symptoms rear their ugly head, and he realizes he can help Peyton out, by eating the bus crash heroin addict. The withdrawal symptoms are pretty awful, and Liv asks Major to babysit. Major calls Peyton over at 2am to take a shift when he has to go to work. But Peyton quickly finds that Ravi has escaped out the window. He ends up at The Scratching Post, trying to score off Don E. Blaine calls Peyton to come pick him up. She takes him home, trying to convince him to eat the brain tube to get off heroin brain, but he won’t do it until he locates the missing dog for her.

Brain Melt

- Francis Capra! Oh, I’ve missed Weevil.

- When Don E. is the voice of reason, you know you have a problem.

- Liv is the officiall the new Renegade!

- RAVI AND PEYTON ARE BACK ON. (Sorry if my scream startled you.)

GIFs via izombiesource

Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Liv. Her rescue mission was a success, and she’s in a position to help lots of people. But she’s also just as guilty of breaking the laws of New Seattle as dearly departed Mama Leone. 

Loser: Blaine. He had to watch his ex rescue her ex, and he’s back under Angus’ thumb. Something tells me he’ll find a way to come out on top again.

Words With a Bite

“Oh, god. My monthlies.” - Ravi

“So… you’re a heroin addict now.” - Blaine

“He offered to “pleasure me” for my car keys.” - Major

GIF via izombiesource

Picking Your Brain

- There was so much going on, did you even notice there was no murder investigation this week?

- What CAN’T Liv make in that lab toaster oven?

- I cannot believe Liv stole Major’s uniform. Hasn’t she endangered him enough?

- I’m getting pretty into filmmaker/smuggler, Levon. Is he Liv’s soon-to-be-dead next boyfriend?

- They sure are finding a lot more excuses for Liv to appear tanned and dyed. Rose must have written it into her new contract. One day a week without the wig and white makeup!

GIF via rocktheholygrail

So, how did musical theater brain play for you? Let’s talk!

Next episode: “Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Brain”

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