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YA Onscreen: Molly Ringwald Takes A Thoughtful Look Back

Molly Ringwald ponders the hard questions (no, really, they are very hard questions), Batgirl gets a new writer, and the creators of Westworld sound a little desperate. 

YA Onscreen: Molly Ringwald Takes A Thoughtful Look Back

Thanks for joining me for this week's YA Onscreen. Anyone watch Ready Player One yet? What did you think? While you formulate your thoughts, read some links!

Read them before they hit the silver screen: 9 books being made into YA films

In this age of #MeToo, Molly Ringwald looks at her most famous teen movies with a thoughtful and critical eye. It feels very relevant to our nostalgia-obsessed culture, especially as some of us get ready to expose a new generation to the movies of our youth. Long, but very worth the read. 

In a last ditch effort to make you care about the movie, Solo gets a new trailer

Tina Fey’s Mean Girls has made it to Broadway, and her comments on the updates makes some think there needs to be a movie sequel as well. Thoughts? 

Toy Story 4 is officially happening in 2019. Here’s hoping they can recapture the magic! 

The Batgirl movie got a new writer and, wonder of all wonders, it’s going to be penned by a lady: Christina Hodson, whose former credits include Bumblebee and Unforgettable

11 movies about women in space (from the real to the fantastical). 

As well as 17 movies that will make you want to get. Shit. Done.

This trailer for The First Purge feels scarily like a window into our not-too-distant future… 

Colton Haynes is returning as a series regular on Arrow

In the effort to combat theorists and spoiler trolls, the creator of Westworld offered in a recent Reddit AMA to create a video of all of season two’s plot twists and turns to…stop the theorists? I’m not sure if I understand their satiate the trolls so they won’t feel like spoiling it on their Facebook feeds the very next morning? 

Wakanda is center stage in some new Avengers: Infinity War footage. 

That's all for the week! Let us know your thoughts below. 

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