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YA Onscreen: Season Five Of THE 100 Is So Close, Y’all

Will April 24 just get here already? Plus that steamy moment from Younger and Loki reveals his loyalties.

YA Onscreen: Season Five Of THE 100 Is So Close, Y’all

Welcome to YA Onscreen on a Wednesday! I call it: YOW! *jazz hands* (Sorry; I’ll stop.) To the news!

Do you remember the fervor over “page 58” in the show, Younger? (From the “fictional” book Charles’ wife wrote about her life?) Well as Younger returns on June 5, you, too, can pick up your real-life copy of Marriage Vacation and see what everyone is talking about - or you can also click this link and read page 58 as a standalone.

Donnie Yen has been added to the cast of characters for the Disney live-action Mulan, and people are excited for it.

Whose season 5 poster portrays the bigger badass: Raven or Octavia’s?

Film rights for the graphic novel The Prince and the Dressmaker have been snatched up by Universal. We were smitten with this sweet book.

Heck yeah for Asian representation and female representation in the superhero genre! Cathy Yen has been tapped as the director for the Birds of Prey girl gang movie in the DC universe, headed by Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. Christina Hodson (who we noted last week is now the writer for Batgirl) wrote the script.

It’s official: there will be a Fast & The Furious spin-off movie starring The Rock and Jason Statham.

The female-led Bad Boys franchise spin-off coming to your TV screens this Fall on NBC has a new name, and this is the literal best they could come up with? Oy with the sexist double entendre already, LA’s Finest.

New children’s read Aru Shah and the End Of Time already secured its film rights with Paramount, which beat out Netflix for the honor.

Ryan Murphy’s LGBTQ-themed dance-musical Pose has its first trailer. It premieres on FX for an eight-episode run on June 3.

Behind the scenes of the Riverdale musical:

Has Tom Hiddleston given away where Loki’s loyalties lie in Avengers: Infinity War in this interview? (Obviously steer clear if you’re avoiding any possibility of spoilers for another nine days.)

How to Train Your Dragon apparently has a third movie coming out in 2019 and the new title has been announced: The Hidden World.

With our 24-hour news cycle, the cluster that was the Fyre Festival all the way back in 2017 feels like it happened a million years ago. Hulu is planning a 2019 docuseries about the entire debacle and I gotta say...I’m curious.

Ian Somerhalder just can’t quit vampires - he’s been announced as one of the headliners for a Netflix adaptation of a graphic novel about a vampire virus called V-Wars.

That’s it for the week! Let us know what we missed below!

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