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IZOMBIE 4x09: Mac-Liv-Moore

To ride. To ride!

IZOMBIE 4x09: Mac-Liv-Moore

Previously, on iZombie: Liv, Ravi and Clive investigate the murder of a LARPer; Blaine talks Angus and the Church into doing Mr. Boss’ dirty work, but Peyton undermines the plan; Major gets in too deep with the black market brain dealers; and the Renegade team discovers someone who’s immune to zombieism.

Grey Matters

Liv, Ravi and Clive investigate the murder of a local zombie rapper, Dirty Reign, and his girlfriend. They talk to Reign’s brother and one-time collaborator, Lil’ Driz, but he’s likely not the killer. In the morgue, Liv has a vision of a guy talking down to Reign, and realizes that one of the guys from the prison bus murders, Zombie Killer Cain, must have escaped the Church’s attack and killed Reign and his lady. Clive and Liv are about to go to The Scratching Post to look for Cain, but Fillmore-Graves puts the whole city into lockdown.

Major goes looking for Cain with his young zombie crew. They stop by the Scratching Post to pick up one of Chase Graves’ top men, who’s been found passed out near a dumpster. But the guy wasn’t drunk, he’d been hit over the head. Buy none other than Cain, who used the guy’s security card to get into Fillmore-Graves and kill Chase; he blames Chase for his wife and daughter’s deaths, regardless of the fact that he killed them, not Chase. Major saves the day by shooting him in the back, and then scratches him on Chase’s order.

Peyton and Isobel show up at the morgue, where they get stuck because of the lock down. Elsewhere in the precinct, Ravi, Clive, Goth IT Guy (Vampire Steve?) and Nerdy Sketch Artist play D&D. When Major arrives to bring Ravi his briefcase, he threatens to tell Peyton that Ravi’s upstairs. So Ravi heads to the morgue while  Officer Michelle joins the game. In the morgue, Ravi meets Isobel and learns about her disease. He wants to study her, and she’s game, but Liv and Peyton want her to go home. In the process of arguing over what to do, Ravi finds out about Liv’s new role as Renegade.

Back at the D&D game, Michelle points out that they’ve been being recorded the whole time. When she and Clive run to get the tape, they share a moment—and a kiss.

Over at the Scratching Post, Blaine gives Don E. some computer genius brain and gets him to set up a Dark Web auction for the zombie vaccine. To prove that it’s real, they turn Mayor Baracus human again, then kill him on camera. When Baracus’ body is found in the park, Dale gets the case, and Peyton gets a new job as acting mayor.

Brain Melt

- There are prostitutes at the Scratching Post?

- Buckshot right in the kneecaps!

- Baracus is dead!

Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Don E. Because:

GIFs via rocktheholygrail

Loser: Baracus. And to think I once thought he was better than most politicians. Hearing that he frequents the ladies at the Scratching Post made my opinion of him plummet. So I’m not really sad to see him go.

Words With a Bite

“Oh, we should have warned you. This is our drawer of heads. We call the prison bus murders Satan’s Jigsaw Puzzle.”—Ravi

“Did you get me Kid Rock?!”—Don E.

“Will you judge me if I happy cry?”— Don E.

GIFs via izombiesource

“Your boss is a triflin’ ass-chimp.”—Liv

“Sir? Bitch, please. This is just Major.”—Liv

“The guy’s a British Yeti. Just looking at him makes me itchy.”—Blaine

“Oh, no, I wasn’t talking about you. It was two other soldiers. You guys don’t know them.”—Major

“It probably would have been easier to drop your grievances in the comment box.”—Chase

“I thought that went well.”—Blaine
“Yeah, but he didn’t land on you!”—Don E.

Picking Your Brain

- Did we know Blaine offered more than just blue brains and booze at the Scratching Post?

- Will Isobel lead to a cure for zombieism? Will Liv take the cure if it does?

- Major’s now the only person in the inner circle who doesn’t know that Liv’s Renegade; how long until he finds out? And Clive?

- I don’t think I quite get Blaine’s plan. Did I miss something, or was it somewhat ill-explained?

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Next episode: “Yipee Ki Brain, Motherscratcher!”


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