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THE 100 5x02: Red Queen

Octavia truly becomes the Commander, and we get our first major death of the season (yay!). 

THE 100 5x02: Red Queen

Previously: After Praimfaya rages, Clarke attemps to get into the bunker but can't access it due to a thousand huge pieces of stone. She eventually discovers a verdant valley and meets a Nighblood named Madi. Their idyllic life together is interrupted by the arrival of a prison ship. Meanwhile, Bellamy & Co. are still alive in space and attempting to get back on the ground.

Y'all, I regret to inform you that we got nary a glance of Bellamy or Clarke in this episode. BUT we did get a character death that's been a looooong time coming so YAY! (See what this show has done to us? WE CELEBRATE DEATH.)


This entire episode takes place in the bunker and focuses on Octavia becoming a leader. I'm all about the latter but O was not enough to carry this installment, unfortunately.

So, 46 days in and everyone is already squabbling over resources. Octavia is reluctant to wear the trappings of a Commander, and Indra's daughter Gaia insists that the Order of the Flame won't support a red-blooded leader. After members of the group hear banging on the hatch door (Clarke!) and try unsucessfully to open it, they realize they are trapped, which sends panic blazing through the bunker. Even though they have, like, five years to figure it out? I mean, I get that food has to be rationed and all that but still, slow your roll!

Kara, who runs the hydroponic farm and lost her husband and father on the Ark and in the Praimfaya respectively (so she's got a big of a grudge), stages a coup and shuts the door between the farm and water filtration system (where most of Skaikru, including Abby and Kane, happens to be) and the rest of the bunker (where most of the Grounders happen to be). Understandably angry, the Grounders attack Jaha, one of the few Skaikru members on their side, but Octavia steps in to save him. Fortunately for her, he knows another way into the farm area. Unfortunately for him, he's been stabbed. Before he opens the door, he gives her a little lesson in leadership--she needs to get the Grounders under control, otherwise they'll massacre all of Skaikru the minute they get into the farm. She heeds his instructions by SLAYING LIKE FIVE DUDES in a TOTAL BLOODBATH. The door opens, the Grounders collect the guilty parties (and only the guilty parties) and PRAISE THE LORD, JAHA DIES. That's right, y'all, JAHA FINALLY MEETS HIS MAKER. May we never meet again.

Of course, overpopulation is still a huge problem, so Octavia puts all of the coup members together and declares a Thunderdome. The winner gets to keep his/her life! And that happens to be... Kara. Even, like, against two Grounders? I would not have bet on those odds.

Fast forward six years, and the Thunderdome has added chain link fencing so you know it's legit. Gaia has short hair, Kara is one of Octavia's kru and oh snap, Kane is up next in the ring!


- Hi Kane! Hi Abbey! Hi Indra! Hi Jackson! Hi Miller! It's good to see y'all again.

- Niylah gives Octavia an Ovid book, because she knows that Bellamy used to read it to her. Awww!

-  Jackson and Miller are together!!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Miller even tells Jackson he loves him! So, that happened fast. (And this is before the six year jump, mmkay?)

Gif via samann98.tumblr.com

- Kane tells Abby he couldn't bear to lose her and that he would make the same decision to save her over and over. Heart eyes!

- Fine, fine, I'll admit that it was pretty cool when Jaha took Octavia through the Ark School of Hard Knocks Ethics and showed her what it means to make sacrifices as a leader.

- Octavia slicing through a bunch of Grounders, which resulted in an excellent Carrie impression. "Oh, this episode is called Red Queen! I get it now." Also, Daenerys and Jon Snow should take notes because girl knows how to make people bend da knee!


- When the leadership team (that makes it sound like a church group but y'all know what I mean) is In the conference room, and they hear Clarke banging! But she can't get in! And they can't get out! Raise your hand if you think Clarke is the lucky one in this scenario.

- The tension between Kane and Abby, because he saved her life and she didn't want him to! Thankfully this gets resolved quickly because I can't even.

- JAHA DIED!!!! Took you long enough, show. But why the eff was everyone sad? I was like, seriously? Have y'all forgotten about the freaking City of Light?!! Bye boy BYE.


Kane, I guess? He seems like the best person in the bunker, TBH, although his appearance in the Thunderdome doesn't bode well. 


- "On me, they're not symbols. They're targets. I can do this." -- Octavia, removing her Commander accessories and getting real.

- "And a warrior needs a war, an enemy. On the Ark, we made the death the enemy. That's how we survived." -- Jaha, teaching Octavia how to be even more of a boss. 

- "You are Wonkru or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose." -- Octavia, being the BAMF we know and love.

- "Take me to Wells." -- Jaha's last words, which, okay, were pretty damn good.


- What was that weird music playing when the Grounders rushed in to attack the Skaikru (i.e. Jaha etc.) on the wrong side of the door?

- Speaking of terrible music, what is up with the acoustic guitar? That's how you know Kara sucks.

- Did the writers honestly think that pairing Jaha with little Oliver Twist was going to make us feel sad when he died? Because NOPE.

- Did anyone actually feel anything when Jaha died?

- What did Kane do?!!!

Next episode: "Sleep Giants." Uh-oh!

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