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RIVERDALE 2x20: Shadow of a Doubt

Who else is ready for Hermione and Veronica to team up against Hiram? Because OH MY GOD HE IS AN ACTUAL MONSTER.

RIVERDALE 2x20: Shadow of a Doubt

Previously, on RiverdaleBetty offers up Chic to The Black Hood, Archie decides to go full vigilante with the help of Hiram (ugh), and Veronica Lodge proves to all of us that one day she'll run the world.

The Rundown

Footage of Fangs and Midge backstage is found and he's arrested on suspicion of beingThe Black Hood, who strikes again, this time at the mayoral debate WHILE Fangs is in custody. This doesn't stop the whole (very dumb) town of Riverdale from rioting when the police let him go, and it's up to Archie and Jughead to prevent total mayhem.

The Teens

Archie is determined to protect his father, and gives up on The Red/Dark Circle after Jughead promises him that Fangs is innocent. Reggie steps up and, under the orders of Hiram Lodge, heads to The White Wyrm to slash some tires and set a dumpster on fire with the rest of The Circle. (Show: please give Reggie some complexity. The angry, aggro-male is super boring.)

Jughead is scrambling, trying to find Fangs a way out of jail, and he manages to get the former Mayor McCoy to step in as his attorney. He also informs The Serpents that their archenemies, The Goolies, are on their way to Riverdale looking to stir up some shit.

Veronica is being courted by the sons of five major crime families (OMG I love it so much), proving herself to be very much her own woman and not her father's lackey. When she decides to go in with a family who owns casinos, her dad immediately shuts her down but she's determined to do it regardless. Also: Veronica wears fancier and more expensive lingerie at 17 than I do at 43.

Betty. BETTY. Girl, what are you doing? I'm all for your mystery team-up with Cheryl, and I will always applaud your criminal skills with hair accessories, but you are going to drive yourself crazy trying to determine if your own dad is a seral killer. 

The Grownups

Fred and Hermione face off at the town hall for a mayoral debate, which TBH promptly interrupts with many, many bullets. Later at home she's literally shaking and Veronica suggests that she withdraw from the race for her own safety, which Hiram immediately shuts down. Hermione Lodge, as much as I find her despicable, is in relationship with an emotionally abusive man who uses her for his own gain at any cost. Veronica starts to realize how much of a narcissist her father is and pledges Fred Andrews her support. (She can't vote, but sure.)

Betty convinces her mom to go back to work at the paper with her, giving her the chance to snoop to her heart's content. She lines up all the time her father was supposedly out of town with all of TBH attacks, and tries to subtly draw him out at the dinner table by confessing to her own dark side. 

The Clues

Found in Hal's Share BnB (that he's still renting for some reason and is the saddest Single Man studio I've ever seen): an open tin of spaghetti hoops (LOL), empty takeout containers, and a Nancy Drew coding book that he later SWEARS was a birthday gift for Betty. I can't keep up with the red herrings anymore IS HAL THE MURDERER OR NOT. 

Oh, and while Fang is busy getting shot by a rando in the mob outside of the jail, The Black Hood shows up at Cheryl's doorstep..! 

Outfit MVP

No standouts this episode (except for Ronnie's catsuit, RROWR), but you know our girl Cheryl is always on point.

A Fine Line

"I want ships named after me, not horses." - Veronica, showing us all how high we should aspire.

Burning Questions

Is Fang dead?

Why is Reggie so angry? I miss the disaffected, smartass Reggie from the comics.

So the body at the morgue didn't belong to Chic...is he still alive? 

Now that Joaquin is back in town for a bit are he and Kevin going to get their smooch on? (Please, universe. Help Kevin out!)

Two episodes with no Choni? UNACCEPTABLE. Why can't the writers just give us what we want: a double date with Bughead and Choni.

What's Coming

The Goolies arrive and Riverdale is on fire. It's FINE.

I'm ready for all of your unmasking theories. Hit me up in the comments!


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