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IZOMBIE 4x10: Yippee Ki Brain, Motherscratcher!

In which Liv on cop brain gives the show a chance to use every cop movie reference they’ve apparently been saving up for the last four years.

IZOMBIE 4x10: Yippee Ki Brain, Motherscratcher!

Previously on iZombie: Blaine decided to make some cash by auctioning off the zombie cure, live on the internet, and killed Mayor Baracus to prove it works. Clive and Michelle kissed. Ravi found out Liv is the new Renegade. Isobel decided to stay in Seattle so Ravi can study her immunity to the zombie virus. Major saved Chase from the Zombie Cain Killer.

Grey Matters

The Fillmore-Graves soldiers are giving Major a hard time for being the a big star, after saving Chase’s life. He takes the teasing pretty well, and amazingly, so does Chase. But Chase reminds him that he needs to be tracking down the next Renegade. Major is also still working the brain tube contraband angle, still pretending to be best friends (and valuable employee) of Russ Roche.

Dale and Cavanaugh interview Blaine and Don E. about the Baracus murder. They play dumb, but Dale (on Baracus brain) knows what’s up. Vampire Steve confesses to Dale that despite his bragging, he is unable to track down the genius (or idiot zombie on computer genius brain) who created the internet auction site.

The coyotes celebrate Curtis getting engaged, and expecting a baby. The underground railroad expands their operation, taking on more coyotes, so they can take on more “clients”, and Isobel helps manufacture fake ID cards. Ravi does more lab testing on her, interspersed with them binging Zombie High with Liv and Levon.

Detective Benedetto gets gunned down in a church confessional, in the middle of investigating a Cobra heist, by a released felon named Ghansu. Which means Liv spends the rest of the episode doing her best Enrico Colantoni impression. But she also goes overboard on a witness, and gets suspended by the Chief of Police. What that means, I’m not sure, since she still gets to sit in on interrogations and smack suspects upside the head. (Was Benedetto maybe the worst?) They interview the Kung Fu fighting Cobra member from season one, AJ, who claims that Benedetto was dirty and in it for the score. He tells them where to find Ghansu. But all the action to catch him happens off-screen (presumably, because the show is out of money).

Angus convinces Blaine to visit his church. Angus believes he is merely John the Baptist, but Blaine could be Zombie Jesus. Heaven help us all. Blaine reluctantly shows up, and Angus rolls out Frau Bader, Blaine’s old horrible nanny. He tells the congregation how she abused his son, and he turned a blind eye. Then he lets his followers eat her.

Ravi promises Isobel’s mother that he’ll look after her, while she’s staying in Seattle. Isobel is sad about all the stuff she’s going to miss out on by dying early. Mainly the sex stuff. Liv on Benedetto brain arranges for Isobel to meet the cute guy from Zombie High, and Ravi freaks out, since he promised to look out for her. She has a great date with him, but she seems to have kept it PG rated. Maybe.

Chase’s guys catch Curtis, and threaten him to try to get him to tell them who Renegade is. He claims Brother Love is the one who had him bring humans into Seattle, to create more zombie fanatics. Chase doesn’t buy it, but he sends his Frenchman, Lambert, to check out the zombie church. It takes Angus and Blaine approximately two minutes to convert the guy. Liv and Levon go to rescue Curtis from the Fillmore-Graves safe house. She goes full zombie to break him out, but it’s not enough. He has her reluctantly scratch him so F-G can’t eat his brain and find out who Renegade is. When the soldiers deliver the bad news to Chase, he looks through their phones to find out if one of them was being tracked to the safe house. Major finds his tracker in his pocket and confronts Liv. He figures out she’s Renegade pretty quickly, and they have it out about her endangering his life. He’s also worried about her, but she thinks he can’t understand, being on the inside. He and Levon have a scuffle, and Liv kicks Major out.

Brain Melt

GIF via dctvgifs

- 14 minutes of Liv being herself, and not on an annoying brain! Can I live in this episode forever?

- Zombie High marathon! I love how self-aware it is.


- Get it, Isobel!

- AJ is the black market brain tube boss?!

Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Angus. Although, it may be a tie between the DeBeers men. Angus has Blaine right where he wants him, in the fold. But when is Blaine ever without a plan of his own?

Loser: Benedetto. What the hell, show? No more Enrico guest spots? If we get a season five, they better make it up to us with somebody really good. And I do not mean Teddy Dunn.

Words With a Bite

“Damn straight, he has a favorite story. It’s Goodnight Moon.” - Chase

"It's only the best zom-com-rom-dram on TV." - Liv

“The way he gobbles scenery, I know he’s supposed to be the big bad, but I really end up rooting for him, even though he’s doing truly vile things.” Ravi

“Either of you have two weird sexy party masks?” - Dale
“I’m surprised I don’t have mine on.” - Blaine

“God loves you. He means it. Chow!” - Angus

GIFs via misomeru

Picking Your Brain

- I’m so glad the writers remembered that Ravi is a scientist who’s put a tremendous amount of research into curing zombieism. It only took them ten episodes to get back here.

- They brought back three previous characters this week. Pour one out for Benedetto. Will we be seeing more of Isobel’s Zombie High crush? And  I can’t be mad at another hot villain, but doesn’t AJ feel like an unexpected choice for the black market brain tubes, considering we know he’s not a zombie?

- Clive tells Liv that he doesn’t know what’s up with him and Michelle, but that he doesn’t see how he can have a future with Dale when he wants kids, and that can never happen with her. Did we ever know Clive wants kids?

- Even knowing the blow-out with Liv and Major was inevitable, I'm still really upset about it. These are some major (oops) philosophical differences. How can they recover from this?

- The quick cut sight gags in this episode were comedy gold. What was your favorite?

Next episode: “Insane in the Germ Brain”


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