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THE 100 5x03: Sleeping Giants


THE 100 5x03: Sleeping Giants

Previously: We see what went down in the bunker, with Wonkru, in the time right after Praimfaya. Events included an attempted coup by Skaikru, Octavia slaying—literally—and the creation of the Bunker Thunderdome. Oh, yeah, and Jaha FINALLY DIED, and it was surprisingly kind of sad?


In Eden, High Lady Prisoner (Colonel Diyoza, we eventually find out) and her goons hear a guy screaming. It is, of course, a trap, with Clarke using him as bait. As the group approaches, she takes out another one of the prisoners, but her attack is thwarted when they bring out the literal big guns. At Diyoza’s command, Hipster Prisoner (a.k.a Paxton “Graveyard” McCreary) and a few of the other men go after them.

In space, Spacekru heads toward the ship, which they think was on a space mining mission. When they get on board, however, they realize that it’s a prison ship; but they incorrectly assume that the people in the transport were the descendants of the prisoners, not the prisoners themselves. In looking for fuel for the pod, to get them down to Eden, too, they tap into ground communications and realize that the prisoners are tracking people on the ground. They double up efforts to get down there, too, but as they’re taking the fuel back to the pod, they find a hanger full of prisoners in cryosleep.

Back in Eden, Clarke hides Madi and tries to draw their pursuers away. She gets captured, and McCreary drags her back to the village as a prisoner. Diyoza tries to get her to talk, give up her friends, but Clarke won’t talk. Diyoza gives the “shoot to kill” order in an attempt to get Clarke to talk. It’s not until McCreary spots Madi that Clarke opens up and makes a deal with her: the truth for Madi’s life. And so storytime begins.

On the ship’s bridge, Raven and Bellamy watch the last of the Captain’s logs and realize just what kind of situation they’re in. As they’re watching the prisoners take control, one of the formerly frozen prisoners, a brute aptly named Kodiak, sneaks up on them and attacks. Bellamy and Raven fight back, but it isn’t until Echo arrives and stabs him through the belly that Bellamy’s able to get the upper hand and choke him out. When they all discuss what to do with the rest of the prisoners, thoughts are divided. Bellamy wants to use them as leverage, while Murphy wants to kill them outright. They end up going with Bellamy’s plan, natch.

As they’re getting ready to leave Raven reveals to Bellamy that someone has to stay on board to do the actual killing, if it comes down to it. She tricks Bellamy into believing that there’s an escape pod for her to use when the time comes for her to go down to the surface, and Murphy decides to stay to keep her company, It’s only as the pod’s entering atmosphere that Raven reveals that the escape pod was a lie, and she and Murphy are stranded.

When Spacekru arrives safely on the surface, all thanks to Emori, they’re almost immediately accosted by a prisoner. But Madi arrives and takes him out, blowing all of their minds by knowing exactly who Bellamy is and then blowing what’s left by saying that they need to go help Clarke. Diyoza thinks Clarke’s been holding back truths about who all’s on the surface, and so orders McCreary to put a shock collar on Clarke and be his apparently naturally evil self. As he’s shocking her for a third time, Bellamy and Madi arrive in a rover, and Bellamy gives Diyoza the previously planned for ultimatum (even though he didn’t know who he’d be trading for when he made it): Clarke or everyone left on the ship dies.

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- Emori being Raven’s apprentice.

- Bellamy’s face when he hears the prisoners talking about “her.”

- The prisoners thinking Clarke’s not capable of ruining them all on her own.

- Bellamy with that Best Dad in the Universe mug.

- Bellamy’s face when Madi says Clarke’s alive.



- That was a BRUTAL spike trap thing, Clarke.

- Raven sacrificing for the greater good AGAIN.

- Annnnnd lying about the escape pod.

- Madi living up to the title of Clarke’s surrogate daughter and spiking that prisoner, Jasper-Jordan-in-the-pilot-episode-style.


Raven. Jesus H Macy, girl. No one in this universe deserves you. You are above them all.


“What can I say, I choose speed over death every time.”—Shaw, aiming for a role in the Top Gun sequel.

“Sorry, love birds. No zero-G space sex.”—Raven, making things super awkward and not caring one bit.

“I worry about more than one thing at a time. It’s called multitasking.”—Murphy, ever the pragmatist.

“If Clarke was here, this wouldn’t even—”—Murphy
“Clarke’s not here.”—Bellamy
“Exactly. She died so that we could live. This is how we do that.”—Murphy, being the voice of reason.

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“Start with how the world ended.”—Diyoza
“Which time?”—Clarke, giving me literal chills.

GIFs via cvssian

“283 lives for one? She must be pretty important to you.”—Diyoza
“She is.”—Bellamy, deserving ALL the heart eyes emojis.


- How does everyone’s hair look so good after 6 years in space? (I'm gonna be stuck on this for a while.)

- Does anyone else wish there had been 100 prisoners, rather than 300? It would have been a nice nod to the original 100.

- Why was there no lever on the prison ship for killing all the people in cryosleep? There should have been a lever.

- Anyone else call the fact that Raven was lying about the escape pod? I mean, hello, Bellamy. You’ve become far too gullible in your dad-dom.

- How many AU fics are now going to include Bellamy having a Best Dad in the Universe mug?

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- Also, did you hear the great news? The 100’s been renewed for a sixth season!


Next episode: “Pandora’s Box.” Pro-Tip: DON’T OPEN IT.



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