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RIVERDALE 2x21: Judgment Night

RIVERDALE burns as we learn the Black Hood's identity. (For real this time.) (Sort of.)

RIVERDALE 2x21: Judgment Night

Previously, on RiverdaleThere are riots in Riverdale (which don't exactly let up this week). Everyone suspects Fangs of killing Midge, and that gets the poor boy shot. Reggie sets the White Wyrm on fire, and the grown-ups indulge in a mayoral debate. 

The Teens

Good lord, so much happens this week. Okay! Fangs is in the hospital. The Serpents think Reggie shot him, but actually it was Midge's mom, Mrs. Klump. Sweet Pea's in the middle of ransacking Riverdale High when Archie tells him the news. 

Meanwhile Penny and the Ghoulies have abducted Toni. Jughead shows up to save her - with Cheryl as back-up! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: Cheryl is Robin Hood now. IT RULES.

Betty and Veronica are dealing with MAJOR dad issues - Veronica, because her dad is a scumbag who's willing to throw her mom under the bus just to get to Fred Andrews, and Betty because her dad is TOTALLY THE BLACK HOOD. Or at least half of a hood. We'll get to that in a minute. 

In trying to navigate the war between the Ghoulies, the Serpents, and Hiram Lodge, Jughead sacrifices himself and gets beat very nearly to death. He looks truly awful when FP shows up to save him. FP looks even worse, just because he's so heartbroken to see his son this way. Everyone agrees. Juggie looks BAD.

Oh yeah. And Fangs died :(

The Grownups

Hermione is sloooooowly starting to come around to Veronica's way of thinking, that Hiram's an evil POS. It helps that while they're arguing, Papa Poutine's son shows up to kill them as vengeance for his father. Hermione kills him instead, and Veronica awesomely tells her dad later, "There’s another dead body in the study. It’s your mess, Daddy. You clean it up."

Meanwhile, yeah. Hal Cooper is the Black Hood. He plans a murder-suicide with Betty and Alice, but first he forces them to watch old home movies. So his grandfather, Grandpappy Blossom, had the darkness in him and was a total murderer. Then his dad changed their name to Cooper to escape the darkness, but the Conway family knew and were blackmailing him, so he killed that family but left the kid (the janitor we thought was the Black Hood), and meanwhile Hal's mom brainwashed him using the phrase "You must do better" - words that Betty used in her speech at the jubilee last year, causing a switch to flip in Hal's brain and bring out the Hood. Okay! Except I don't know how he killed so many people considering how easily Betty and Alice get the jump on him. Of course, they are amazing women. Also it's awesome watching Alice berate him for being a wimp, a mama's boy and an ineffective serial killer, to boot. 

But don't worry! Not all the dads are bad this week! Some of them are stomping around all hot and heroic!

The Clues

So anyway, Hal's arrested, but that's not the end of the Black Hood saga - because there's another one! Hal's not the same guy who shot Fred Andrews in the premiere, whose eyes have been haunting Archie's nightmares. That guy's still around, and he shoots Fred AGAIN, but fortunately Fred's wearing a bulletproof vest. BUT WHO IS THAT GUY? 

Outfit MVP


A Fine Line

When Cheryl tells Betty that she shot a Black Hood who, "based on waistline alone," could have been her father, Betty asks her if she killed him, and Cheryl replies simply, "I shot to wound." Cheryl! Is! Amazing! 

Burning Questions

SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS. Who is this other Black Hood? Also is Juggie's beautiful face permanently marred? What was the deal he struck with Hiram? What's next season's mystery going to be? 

What's Coming

Because, yeah, next week's the finale! 


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