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IZOMBIE 4x11: Insane In The Germ Brain

We’re all just meat with a spark.

IZOMBIE 4x11: Insane In The Germ Brain

Previously, on iZombie: Liv noshes on Keith Mars Detective Benedetto brain, Angus lets his congregation eat Frau Bader’s brain as a “gift” to Blaine, and Major discovers that Liv’s Renegade, thanks to her foiling a Fillmore-Graves plan.

Grey Matters

Flu season has hit Seattle, and with it, the case of a dead, germaphobe named Vince. As part of a retirement celebration, he dressed up like Sheila from HR, but his “joke” didn’t go over too well with Sheila’s husband: the surprisingly progressive, yet bonkers, Crybaby Carl, who punched Vince in the head for making fun of his wife. Boys will be boys, unless one of them has zombie strength. And then boys will be dead.

While talking with her mom, Isobel gets a nose bleed, which makes everyone worry about her disease’s progression. She tries to make them all feel better by joking about her imminent demise, but the mood is still pretty dark. Liv and crew smuggle Isobel’s mom into Seattle, with a minor hiccup solved by Liv dressing as Peyton, and it’s not a moment too soon; Isobel dies soon afterward.

Don E. films one of Angus’s church sermons and puts it on the Internet, where it goes viral. The video puts a hitch in Peyton’s planned goodwill trip to Washington, D.C.—where her parents, and Ravi, during a somewhat awkward first meeting dinner, urge her to stay—and leads to an assassination attempt of Angus.

Dale hears a recording of Clive talking to Liv about Michelle, and sadly complaining that they’ll never get to have kids. So she ends it with Clive, lying through her teeth that she’s met someone else. Clive is obviously sad, but he rebounds pretty quickly with Michelle.

And Major finally gets to meet Roche’s boss, AJ, who forces him to eat truth serum brain. MAjor ends up spilling the whole Fillmore-Graves plot, but it turns out it was all part of the plan. Major’s squad arrives and takes the operation down. Chase is rightfully ecstatic, and throws a rager at The Scratching Post, but the party is soon cut short by the fact Roche escaped during transport … and Chase’s subsequent shooting of Jordan and killing of Fisher (after Fisher shot Chase in anger over Jordan).

Brain Melt

- Damn, Isobel. Brutal way to try and make the adults feel better.

- And again! Teenagers are The. Worst.

- OK, now you're just being a jerk.

- Chase Graves melting the eff down.

Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Angus. Why is it that the worst people get the most acclaim, 99% of the time?

Loser: Chase. Dude is LOSING it.

Honorable mention: Isobel. You were a sweet girl, and I’m sorry to see you go. Even after that shizz you pulled this episode.

Words With a Bite

GIFs via rocktheholygrail

“Sounds like someone didn’t get his flu shot.”—Liv
“And maybe turn into a werewolf? No thanks.”—Clive

“I’d much rather you settle for an ME with personality than an actual doctor with none.”—Peyton’s terrible dad
“... I am an actual doctor, and you’re not giving me a compliment. You’re taking a dig at me to get a rise out of your daughter, and I want it to stop. Now.”—Ravi

“Are you mansplaining the case to me detective? I’m up to speed.”—Liv

“But, hey, it’s not like I have pictures of Chase Graves taped up in my locker.”—Major

“It’s all on Cobra Kai.”—Chase

GIFs via rocktheholygrail

Picking Your Brain

- That whole scene with Peyton leaving the morgue … that wasn’t foreshadowing, was it?

- Is Chase Graves insane, or did he just reach a breaking point?

- Will all those tests Ravi and Liv ran on Isobel have any benefit in the long run?

- And because I watched the preview for next week: Is Major going to try and take the fall for Liv?

Let’s discuss in the comments.

Next episode: “You’ve Got to Hide Your Liv Away


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