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THE 100 5x04: Pandora’s Box

Just because you finally see sunshine doesn't mean that things are looking sunny. 

THE 100 5x04: Pandora’s Box

Previously: Bellamy and Clarke reunited!!! And other stuff happened too like Raven and Murphy stayed behind on the ship to use the cryo prisoners as collateral forcing Col. Diyoza to negotiate but mainly BELLARKE.


As we saw at the end of the last episode, Kane is in the arena facing off with three other lawbreakers to determine who will get a second chance. Gaia introduces us to all new chants ("All of me for all of us" and "Be the last"--neither of which is super uplifting) as Kane grabs a shield and Abby, trapped in a locked room, bangs on the door and admits that she's the true transgressor. She stole medicine to feed her habit, so those of you who posted theories last week about Abby being a pill popper are winners winners chicken dinners! Kane ends up killing the final dude, and I'm relieved, not to mention happy to see that he and Abby are still an item. More importantly, he and Indra are still besties! But even though Kane is the victor, Octavia declares that he must fight again, so the second time, he gives a speech to the audience about ending the cycle of violence in lieu of grabbing a weapon. The Red Queen (Blodreina) ain't having none of that and comes down to slay him herself. But...

While this is happening, Bellamy has negotiated a deal with Diyoza--she and her team will get Wonkru out of the bunker and share the valley equally, and the prisoners in cryo sleep won't be killed by Raven and Murphy. She agrees, but only because she plans to take the doctor (Abby) and kill everyone else. She's ruthless, which makes sense given what Raven discovers about her: former Navy SEAL turned terrorist turned most wanted criminal in the world. Dang, girl! Diyoza has also tasked Good Cop Shaw with hacking into the prison ship's system and overriding Raven's control on the sleeping prisoners, but no surprise, Raven has ALL the skills. That is, except the one you need to be a murderer, which is why Murphy is there to pull the lever (and kill the cryo peeps) if need be. 

So, right before O kills Kane, a giant hole opens up in the ceiling of the Arena and Bellamy drops down on a rope! Followed by Clarke, followed by Diyoza and her team. It's reunions all around, but as people are brought to the surface, it's clear that life outside of the bunker isn't looking too sunny. Clarke whisks Kane and Abby (wanted by Octavia) away to a hiding place, but then Diyoza initiates a stand-off with hi-tech guns warmed up and ready to annihilate. Bellamy's like, "Yeah, but what about your cyro prisoners?" and Diyoza smirks, because she had Shaw open up the docking bay doors to steal all of the oxygen from Raven and Murphy. Instead of pulling the plug on those 282 lives, Raven and Murphy wake them up so that Diyoza is forced to close the doors. So good news, Raven and Murphy are alive! Bad news, those 282 prisoners are now awake! Fuhhhh.

Consequently, the deal is off, because Bellamy has lost all 282 of his bargaining chips, so Abby reveals herself to avoid further violence and Diyoza takes her and Kane on board the ship, tells Wonkru to stay in Polis (which sucks, obvs) and flies back to take the Valley for her team. But not before one of her dumbass crazy criminals tries to shoot Octavia (who is saved by a Wonkru member sacrificing himself) and officially starts the war. Diyoza orders Shaw to fire on Wonkru before the ship flies away, but Raven has jammed the weapons on the ship. Because she rules.

Left in the wasteland of Polis (it's a real fixer upper), Octavia looks at Bellamy with disgust and says, "I trusted you. This is your fault."

Suffice it to say, THAT DIDN'T GO WELL. 


- Bellamy reaching for Clarke in the cell, i.e. the first time they've touched in SIX YEARS. And Bellarkru said amen.

Gif via bobnorley.tumblr.com

- And then the two of them hugging fiercely!!!!

Gif via fuckyeahbellarke.tumblr.com

- And then Clarke asking about everyone by name and finding out that they all survived! And Raven and Murphy hearing Clarke's voice! And Octavia and Bellamy reuniting! And the writers are going to punish us for this much happiness, aren't they?

- Octavia and Diyoza meeting each other and engaging in the most badass stare-off known to man.

- Murphy telling Raven he'll pull the plug so she doesn't have to.

- Raven flipping Shaw the bird with her code (like, literally drawing a bird with code). 


- The bunker ceiling crashing down right before Octavia slays Kane! And then Bellamy sliding down! Way to make an entrance, dude.

- When Bellamy tells Dioyza that they have 1200 people to free from the bunker and Octavia corrects him--it's only 814. Um, those are VERY different numbers.


It's nice to see that even after six years, Kane's moral compass remains true. He's willing to face death, not only to protect Abby but also because he can't stand to perpetuate the cruel laws of Blodreina. Now, he just needs to get a haircut and we're all good. 


"Nice to meet you, we're not bad pe--" - Murphy to Diyoza, as Raven pulls the radio away from him.
"Raven, keep him away from the radio." - Bellamy

"And they call me the cockroach." - Murphy, hearing Clarke's voice and realizing she's still alive.

"Strength without mercy is nothing." - Kane schooling Octavia.

"Why do you always have to be the one to sacrifice?" - Murphy, letting Raven know that he'll bear the burden of flipping the switch and killing all of the prisoners, also known as Pulling a Clarke. 


- Dioyoza desperately wants a doctor to find "a cure." For what?!

- While talking with Octavia, Kane says, "We could've torn ourselves apart during the Dark Year." O forbids him from speaking futher--apparently there's a law against talking about it. So, like, what the hell happened during the Dark Year? Must've been pretty damn dark. 

- While digging up info on the prison ship and its inhabitants, Raven finds the files for the Eligius missions, of which there were four total. The first mission found a gold mine, the second went to mine it (but didn't have enough people) and the fourth mission (which Diyoza's crew was on) was focused on using prison labor. But the files on the third mission are encrypted. What do you think happened?

- What in the CUSS are Raven and Murphy going to do with all of these risin' and shinin' prisoners?!

- Who else is totes digging Octavia's cape? (Cloak?)

Next week: On "Shifting Sands," it looks like no one ever watched an old vid called Alien



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