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Best Dad In The Universe

Who's more deserving of such a title than Bellamy Blake?

Best Dad In The Universe

There was a moment in the third episode of this new season of The 100 in which it was obvious that the writers room is very clued in to the fandom. Which moment?

GIFs via bellblake

OF COURSE, we immediately needed a whole set of these mugs for FYA HQ’s kitchen. None were available on the web, as far as we could find, so we knew there was only one thing to do: Make our own.

And then share the ability to have a set with all of you.

Check it out:

Get your Best Dad in the Universe mug(s) here.

Pro-Tip: This would be perfect for a Father's Day gift, even if your dad isn't Bellamy Blake and/or doesn't watch The 100.

Be sure to check out all of our designs—and some love for our stuff—on the FYA Store page. And, as always, please let us know if you have any brilliant ideas for future merch.

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