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GIF Party: June 8

No matter how you pronounce it, it’s a good time.

GIF Party: June 8

Before we get to the GIF-fing, I want to echo what Mandy W, said in this morning's Pro-Tips. You—yes YOU—are amazing, important, and loved. Please reach out if you ever feel less than: call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1 (800) 273-8255 or chat them online; text a friend or family member; email us at ( if you want to reach me, specifically; I have GIFs!)—whatever makes you feel less alone. Life is hard, but it's better with you in it. <3

T-GIF, friends! (This probably isn’t as amusing to you as it is to me.) It’s time for another GIF Party!

The rules are simple: Post your favorite GIF(s) in the comments, and/or reply to others’ GIF(s) with one of your own.

As a reminder, you can post GIFs two ways:
1. Drag and drop images into the Disqus comment box.
2. Paste a link to your GIF into the comment box. After the image/GIF/video loads in the “media attachment” section at the bottom of the box, you’re safe to post. Your image/GIF/video replaces the link. (You might need to reload the page to see the image/GIF/video load.)

Here’s one that explains how my week has been …

How about yours?

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