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ATX TV Festival: The FELICITY 20 Year Reunion

Dear Sally, it was absolutely wonderful. 

ATX TV Festival: The FELICITY 20 Year Reunion

Photo Credit: Jack Plunkett

***This post contains spoilers about Felicity. If you're following the Rewatch and enjoying the show for the first time, go no further! Save this for when you finish the series and can't believe it's over and need something to help you cope.***

It happened, y'all. The power of our fandom and Meghan's spells and Free Pizza Fridays and the two brilliant women who run the ATX TV Festival came together and manifested a Felicity reunion. (Okay, it was mostly those two women, Emily Gipson and Caitlin McFarland. But there's something to be said for Meghan's witchiness.)

Last Sunday, the cast (Keri Russell, Scott Speedman, Scott Foley, Tangi Miller, Amy Jo Johnson, Ian Gomez, Amanda Foreman, Greg Grunberg and Rob Benedict) assembled and, with the excellent facilitation of moderator and superfan Lennon Parham, reminisced about their days on the set of what is arguably the greatest TV show of all time. And it was AMAZING.

Here's the good news: this cast genuinely seems to love each other and look back on the show with a tender fondness. 

And here's the bad news: Scott Foley isn't interested in a reboot. EXCEPT he totally changed his mind (no lie) by the end of this reunion, because, as he said, "I've missed you guys." Let's get that petition started, shall we?!

So, Dear Sally, here's the scoop!

The first thing you should know is that Keri and the Scotts look INCREDIBLE and possibly even more gorgeous than they did 20 years ago (yet another Meghan spell?!). 

Photo Credit: Jack Plunkett

Secondly, and more important: Keri and Scott Speedman still have INSANE CHEMISTRY. Yeah, yeah, I know, they both have significant others, but body language does not lie--these two share an unequivocal sex invite deep connection that should serve as inspiration for some fanfic that I would like maybe read, just saying (DM me). 

Those of you who have been following the Rewatch will not be surprised by this, but Rob Benedict (Richard) was the MVP of the panel, and Greg Grunberg (Sean) talked way too much, which Ian Gomez (Javier) totally called him out on by sarcastically asking the audience, "Does anyone have questions for Greg?" YEAH, THAT HAPPENED. But Greg took it in stride, because he seems way more self aware than Sean ever was.

You know what exactly mirrored the show? Scott Speedman's reactions to Greg! There were so many moments when Greg would make a dumb (but funny) joke or comment, and Scott would just put his head in his hands, and it was 100% Sean and Ben and honestly that may have been my favorite part because those two!

Here are some other great moments:

Photo Credit: Jack Plunkett

- Greg Grunberg talking about the scene when Sean wore assless chaps. Apparently, Amanda Foreman (Meghan) and Scott Speedman didn't know that his bare ass was actually hanging out, so when he turned around for the reveal, their shocked reaction was genuine. 

- Tangi Miller sharing about how women have approached her and told her how inspirational Elena is as a strong, smart, driven woman--how she's been a role model for themselves or their daughters. ALL THE TEARS.

- Scott Foley completely forgetting that Noel dies in a fire in the alternate dimension of Felicity's last season. Um, dude, I know it was like 17 years ago but seriously?

- Scott Foley and Keri Russell completely forgetting that their characters had sex on the roof and debating it with everyone else on stage. Y'all, trust the swimfans. YOU DID. AND YOU ENJOYED IT.

- Keri Russell divulging the origins of her haircut on the show. Apparently, she was playing around and put on a boy's wig and sent the photo to J.J. Abrams as a joke, claiming she had cut her hair. His response, "Would you really cut her hair?" And thus, Felicity's short 'do was born.

- Scott Foley on being originally cast as Ben: "What a shitty show that would've been."

- Amanda Foreman speculating on what was in Meghan's box. Her best guess was a written confession to a crime, but Meredith and I immediately knew that couldn't be it because Meghan's dad specifically said that the box's contents couldn't be thrown away (NERD ALERT). Her second guess was a human finger, which seems more likely but... let's agree, not knowing is half the fun.

- Scott Foley making a joke about how actors that don't share their emotions fully on camera should go back to acting school, and then Greg standing up and jokingly walked off the stage while giving him the finger. 

- Keri and Scott Foley discussing the moment they knew that Richard would be more than just a one-off character--the "Finally" episode when Richard catches Felicity and Noel making out in the stacks. Keri and Noel simultanteously said the line that sealed the deal: "I'm gonna report your ASS!" And there's a good chance I quoted along with them because if there's ever a time to be a Felicity swimfan, this is it.

Photo Credit: Jack Plunkett

- Rob Benedict doing his impression of Richard holding the boom mic in the "Docuventary II" episode, complete with chewing gum.

- Rob Benedict bringing up the period when Kenan Thompson was on the show (his character dated Elena) and would host karaoke parties. If I had a firstborn child, I would GIVE IT UP FOR DETAILS. 

- Rob Benedict (told you he was the MVP) admitting that he still has a framed "Free Pizza Fridays" poster in his office (I DIED).

- An audience member asking the actors to choose yearbook superlatives for themselves or their characters: "Most Spazzy" for Keri (she was always nervous on set and anxious about missing a call time); "Most Likely to Get Kicked Off Set" for Scott Speedman (he was once asked to leave for laughing too hard during a serious scene, bless him); "Most Likely to End Up on Shark Tank" for Sean (duh); "Most Likely to Succeed" for Elena (OF COURSE); "Most Likely to Remain Fabulous" for Javier and "Last to Leave the Party" for Richard (so true).

- Ian Gomez throwing water bottles (insert Rob Benedict saying, "Water straight from Dean & Deluca!") at the audience.

- The moderator asking how things on Felicity would be different if it was filmed today, and Ian Gomez's response of acting out two people just texting: "Hey." "Hey." 

- During a discussion of the series finale, Greg Grunberg sharing that Sean's toast at the wedding was actually him (Greg) giving a toast to the cast and crew. And Amanda Foreman talking about Meghan and Felicity's farewell scene in the apartment in the finale, which was actually Amanda and Keri's last scene together and Amanda didn't want to cry because Meghan wouldn't cry and so they had to do several takes and I'M NOT CRYING YOU'RE CRYING.

It's difficult to capture how incredibly special it felt to be in the theater, listening to memories and celebrating a show that means so much to so many people. I was fortunate enough to be sitting next to my mom (who, let's be honest, is a thousand times better than Barbara Porter) and friends who love Richard or swoon over Ben or fist pump for Elena just as hard as I do, and for moment that was far too brief, we were surrounded by magic... like seeing what New York looks like with snow.

Posh Deluxe's photo About the Author: Sarah lives in Austin, TX, where she programs films at the Alamo Drafthouse. Sarah enjoys fancy cocktails, dance parties and anything that sparkles (except vampires).