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YA Onscreen: HIS DARK MATERIALS—First Is The Worst, Second Is The Best?

Let's hope. The BBC is already starting off their adaptation right by casting James McAvoy, plus Ocean's 8 is doing well, and new images from Wonder Woman 2 that are raising a LOT of questions.

YA Onscreen: HIS DARK MATERIALS—First Is The Worst, Second Is The Best?

Welcome to another day of YA Onscreen, where I’m asking the important questions, like how is already June 13? When will Sara Bareilles go back on tour (anyone catch her and Josh Groban hosting The Tony Awards? She’s so good!)? While I ponder such thoughts, check out news of the week: 

His Dark Materials is getting another shot at an adaptation, this time with the BBC and an eight episode miniseries, so let’s hope they get it right this time! I really just want them to do well so they can go into the other books, because who else wants to see those rolling pod-wheel creatures from the third (?) book IRL?? James McAvoy will be playing Lord Asriel and Ruth Wilson will be Mrs. Coulter. Look for it in 2019 or 2020. 

Netflix put out a trailer for the second season of Anne with an E. I’ll be honest—I totally forgot this existed until I saw the trailer. I’m pretty sure the last time I watched it was Thanksgiving last year, when I was desperate to put something on the TV that everyone could watch and not turn back around to politics. I remember liking it more than I thought, so now I’ve got another show I’d like to go back to…yay?

As part of Shonda Rimes’ new deal with Netflix, she’s reportedly creating a series about grifter socialite Anna Delvey, whose name blew up after this article came out. 

A review of the new horror movie, Hereditary, from a person who just read the Wikipedia article on the movie because they are not about the horror movie life (no real spoilers ahead). 

Don’t be surprised that Ocean’s 8 is doing well

Why for art thou tease us so, Patty Jenkins??

Gal Gadot's image is a little less inflammatory. Looks like we're confirmed the movie will be set in 1984.

Shadowhunters showrunner says fans will be “deeply satisfied” by the finale. He's certainly confident.

Things I learned while reading this list of 32 disposable fiancés from rom-com movies: Daniel Gilles was in Spider-Man 2 and poor, adorable James Marsden has lost a lot of women to other men. Also I really want to go rewatch The Decoy Bride because David Tennant is delightful in it. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In The Heights movie finally has a release date! Buuuut it’s two years away, June 2020, so don’t get too excited.  

What exactly is this #Christmas2018 secret project from the actors of One Tree Hill

There some who think that Love, Simon wasn’t “gay” enough, which is a notion this article disagrees with. What was your opinion?  

Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson will be starring together in a “globe-trotting, action-comedy, heist thriller” called Red Notice. That sounds like an excellent combination. 

That’s it for the week! Let us know what you’ve seen of interest in the comments!

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