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THE 100 5x07: Acceptable Losses

In which we (finally) get some quality Monty time.

THE 100 5x07: Acceptable Losses

Previously: Prisonkru makes an offer of refuge to Wonkru; Echo talks Octavia into letting her go and do what she does best (spying); Murphy and Emori capture McCreary; Gaia finds out that Madi’s a Natblida.


In Shadow Valley, Diyoza shows the defectors around, explaining that they’ll have to pull their weight—and that she’ll be doing interviews to determine their value. Kane’s at her side, but his attentions are still mostly on Abby, whose drug addiction is only getting worse, and perhaps led to her inability to save Karina, the young defector who was shot and used by Echo as a smuggling vessel.

Raven and Echo meet up, and Echo fills her in on the plan. Only problem? They’re being kept in a church, shock-collared, and far away from the bridge on which Raven needs to be to use Monty’s program. Echo tries to talk Raven into using Shaw, but Raven’s not cool with using their only “friend” on the outside. (Even after he tells her that he’s not as good as she thinks he is; that he was the one to free the prisoners on account of the company’s line to worry more about what they were mining than the miners.)

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Echo goes ahead with her plan, regardless, and sells Shaw out for a trip to the bridge. There, Raven shows Diyoza the proof she needs to finally give up on Shaw while the backdoor program imports. Soon after, Shaw’s tossed into the church with the rest of the questionable people.

Kane goes to give Abby an ultimatum—him or the pills—and doesn’t get an answer before Diyoza walks in for an overdue examination. Abby assumes that she’s sick, too, but she’s actually pregnant (!).

Meanwhile, in Polis, Octavia tries to play nice with Bellamy, but he’s pissed about her order to kill some of the defectors. And Clarke, after telling Madi to “suck” during training so as to not draw attention to herself, takes the note from Jasper she found in Arkadia to Monty. As they’re chatting, Monty reveals that the bunker hydrofarm only has maybe 3 weeks to go, and they spot Cooper taking a dead body into a locked room. Naturally, they snoop—and find that someone’s been breeding the parasitic sandworms, most likely to use as a weapon.

Clarke and Monty tell Bellamy about the worms, and together they bring Indra into the circle of trust. She’s rightly concerned, but Octavia gives a speech about “just doing what she has to do to protect her people” and forces everyone to stand down. They’re going to send the worms in as soon as Monty’s program is up and running.

When they notice that the program is up and running, however, Bellamy makes a plan to head to Shadow Valley to save their people before Octavia can set the worms loose. Clarke goes to get Madi, who’s not doing such a great job of staying under the radar; instead, Octavia sees her potential and offers her a job as a second. Clarke’s not pleased, to say the least, and rather than running to Shadow Valley without Madi, calls Diyoza up on the ol’ radio and asks what it would take for Prisonkru to share the valley. Diyoza’s suggestion of “unconditional surrender” leads to Clarke’s assertion that they have to remove Octavia from the situation.

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- Clarke and Monty working together.

- Clarke and Bellamy sassing each other.

GIFs via chatnoirs-baton

- Bellamy being Monty’s big brother and pulling him out of that all-too-Jasper-in-season-4-like funk.


- Abby and Kane’s fight! </3

- They’re breeding the worms to use as weapons!

- Echo turning in Shaw! (Sure, I see the reason for doing so, but still.)

- A Prisonkru baby’s on the way!


Indra. She has the best moral compass of anyone left in this show, and is pretty much the only person who’s not afraid to stand up to Octavia.


“I did everything I could!”—Abby, passing the blame.
“It wasn’t enough.”—Kane, doling out the tough love.

“It’s been eight hours. Raven could have built a cathedral by now.”—Bellamy, speaking. The. Damn. Truth. (Related.)

“Monty, you can’t pick a lock with pruning shears.”—Clarke, stupidly underestimating.
“Ye of little faith.”—Monty, being the Monty we know and love.

“Clarke, he was there when Pike shot her. And killed 300 of her people.”—Monty, reminding Clarke that Grounders hold grudges.
“Yeah. I’ll go with him.”—Clarke, making a sound decision.

“Big brother, how many innocent lives have you sacrificed? Or you, Wanheda? This is no different. You were just trying to save your people. So am I.”—Octavia, actually making a valid (and sane) point.

“I won’t apologize for protecting you from yourself.”—Indra, being The Best Grounder Mom.

I’d walk through fire for you. I’d die for you. But I won’t watch you kill yourself. Not anymore.”—Kane, giving the ultimatum … and breaking our Kabby-shipping hearts.


- Where is Clarke getting a crimper in Polis?

- Is Monty going to pull a Jasper this season?

- Are Raven and Shaw going to get through her “betrayal”? (SO HELP ME, ECHO. If you ruined a chance for Raven to find happiness …)

- Who’s Diyoza’s baby daddy? (Please don’t say McCreary.)

- Is Clarke going to use Madi’s nightblood against Octavia?

- Are Kane and Abby going to be OK?

- What are Emori and Murphy up to with McCreary?

- I’m a little confused about the Eligius mission timeline. Did they all go into cryo-sleep at one point? How far away was the place they were mining? Why did it take them so long to get back to Earth?

Also, just had to include this set:

GIFs via thelovelylights

(Please note that the caption for the set is “#Slytherin Mode Activated.”)


Next episode: “How We Get to Peace." Through ... war?



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