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YA Onscreen: MULAN Turns 20

Mulan's composers reminisce about their favorite songs, Netflix tries to revive the rom-com with Set It Up, and big casting updates for some of the CW's superhero shows. 

YA Onscreen: MULAN Turns 20

Happy Wednesday and YA Onscreen day. Is it weekend yet? Go read these links while I nap under my desk, kthx.

A very honorable 20 years to Mulan! The lyricist and the composer reminisce about writing some of its most popular songs (BE A MAAAAAAN). 

People are all abuzz about Netflix’s newest rom-com, Set It Up.  Do you think this means that the rom-com isn’t dead

As John Lasseter gets ready to leave Disney/Pixar, two new leaders, Jennifer Lee and Pete Doctor, were announced, and one is a lady! Woot for more female representation in management roles. 

This looks less than comfortable, Gal. Do you think she’s riding in the invisible jet?


Netflix is trying to capitalize on Ready Player One, I guess? Created by one of the showrunners of Skins, Kiss Me First will be premiering as a series on June 29

Kristen Bell and Frasier, uh, Kelsey Grammar, are playing a daughter-father combo in another new Netflix dramedy, Like Father, out on August 3.

Jessica Parker Kennedy will be a series regular on the fifth season of The Flash

Chris Wood has worn his last Supergirl cape—reports say he’s not returning for the next season

Full list of award winners from the MTV Movie & TV Awards, for those who want just the facts, no frills. 

That’s all for the week. Let us know what we missed below!

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