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THE 100 5x08: How We Get To Peace

Who knew algae could be so interesting? (Monty, that's who.)

THE 100 5x08: How We Get To Peace

Previously: Octavia takes Madi under her wing, Echo throws Shaw under the bus and Clarke vows to take Octavia down. 

Here's the thing, y'all. I still love #Bellarke something fierce, but this season, it feels like the writers are simply stringing us along (in general, not just in shipping) until the last five minutes of each episode, when they throw in a twist. Is it just me?!


No surprise, Bellamy is not cool with Clarke's plan to take out Octavia. The latter orders her people to load the worms up into the Rover and mobilize the army to attack the valley, but Bellamy and Clarke chloroform Cooper and sacrifice her to the greater cause by infecting her with the worms (gross!) then gassing the whole joint to remove the worms as a potential weapon. Indra helps them formulate this plan, because she is a badass, and Monty rejects this plan, because he is a sweet angel (and because he believes his algae can save everything). 

Meanwhile, Murphy and Indra radio into Diyoza and tell her they have a hostage (McCreary), and girlfriend does not give a flying F! She's more than happy to eliminate him and Octavia (via Clarke), but Kane is not letting up about the pills that she gave to Abby. Speak of the devil, the good doctor has figured out that sound waves destroy the lung tumors in her patients (like Vincent) so she has Raven brought in to engineer an all powerful medical sonic boom. Raven figures out how to set it up, but she also discovers Abby's addiction, and as a fellow survivor of the same pain, she is NOT sympathetic. She walks out of the clinic just as Abby activates her collar WTF?!

Shifting to Murphy, he strikes a deal with McCreary (and tells him that Diyoza doesn't want him back) so that they can save Raven--but it means he and Emori have to act as his prisoners. Emori is supes turned on by Murphy being the hero, but she's worried he'll fall apart as soon as the fight is over. Girl, get it while you can is what I say.

Back in the idyllic valley, Kane shows Diyoza the potential of the future, if they build a harmonious community together. She reveals that she's "100 years and five months pregnant," and Kane gives her hope about raising a child in this world, then they decide that Hope is a good name and GAG ME WITH A SPOON ALREADY. 

While I'm not cool with that potential couple right now, I am totally okay with the fact that Harper and Monty are GETTING IT ON in the algae farm after Monty vows to be a pacifist and not kill anyone! Sa-woon. 

Unfortunately, Octavia is not feeling the love, and Clarke, Bellamy and Indra have fallen right into her trap: she was never going to transport the worms... she was going to unleash the eggs, which have already been loaded into the Rover! Noooo! She has Clarke arrested with execution in mind. 

Over in the Valley, Echo comforts an electrified (and not in a good way) Raven, who vows that Diyoza can't win--even if that means killing Shaw. Abby, in contrast, has done the opposite by curing Vincent with this new sonic wave medical thing-a-ma-jig, but once Diyoza hears that McCreary is back, she makes Abby swear to keep the cure a secret. 

Cut to another effed up relationship: Bellamy asks to speak to Octavia after her war planning session, and he tells her that he loves her no matter what, as they break "bread" (rations) together. Suddenly, she starts choking, and he admits that he dosed her ration with Monty's first batch of algae, which will put her into a coma. She collapses as he puts his hand over her mouth and whispers, "My sister, my responsibility." 


- Kane admitting that he is guilty for sacrificing the few to save the many. "Eventually," he says, "the few becomes the many." 

- Murphy looking at Clarke's drawings of him and Emori and getting some feels!

- Clarke and Bellamy discussing the idea of killing Octavia. "Suddenly I'm the one letting my heart rule my head," admits Clarke. Bellamy responds, "Mama bears don't think, they just protect their young." Le sigh. 

- Bellamy to Miller, who is seems fine with killing off people (including Clarke): "So much for the 100."


- Clarke and Bellamy stone cold watching Cooper's body get invaded by worms. LOVE THEM.

- Abby activating Raven's collar?! Abby, I'm done with you.

- Raven and Shaw sharing a MOMENT:
"Have you ever loved someone so much, that no matter what they do to you or themselves, you take it?" - Raven
"Mom or dad?" - Shaw
"Mom." - Raven. And then we find out that her mom drunk herself to death? Did we know that?! And then Shaw says, "Yes."


Bellamy went against his own sister, HARD. It wasn't an easy decision, obviously, but it was the right one, and the pain across his face revealed the sacrifice he made. 


"From where I'm standing, it looks like we're trading one dictator for another." - Kane to Diyoza. SHADE.

"Serial killer. Kept his victims' hands and feet as mementos. Other than that, he's a nice guy." - Shaw, not exactly selling us on Vincent.

"Of course, I help. Because what's one more, right? We're already murderers." - Monty, having a bit of a breakdown.

"We're doing the right thing." - Clarke, on removing O from the equation.
"You say it enough, maybe I'll believe you." - Bellamy, who is fooling himself because OBVS YOU BELIEVE CLARKE.

"Seeing you like this, seeing you fight to survive... this is the John Murphy I fell in love with." - Emori, getting us all hot and bothered.

"Everyone dies, Monty. Let's show them how to live." - Harper, who really deserves more screen time. 


- Would Clarke really kill Octavia?! I think she... would?

- In this episode, we learned that Monty's initial batch of algae put someone in a coma on the ring. Who was it?!!

- What was the deal with Diyoza's notebook? Kane mentioned seeing murdery plans but I was distracted by the name Maya. Anyone have theories on what that's about?

Looks like we've got another two weeks until the next episode, entitled "Sic Semper Tyrannis." The internet tells me that means, "Thus always to tyrants," so can we expect that at least one leader is going down?



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