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The FELICITY Rewatch Project: 2.22 + 3.1 See You In September, Maybe

Have you heard of this wild guy named Leon?

The FELICITY Rewatch Project: 2.22 + 3.1 See You In September, Maybe

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Last week, Meredith lead us on a five star tour of the best episode of the series, in which Felicity and Ben finally get together!! Now we head into the last episode of Season 2 and the premiere of Season 3, which I regret to inform you means a new credits song and image sequence (RIP black & white photos). On the plus side, that means we've got a new rule for drinking. Cheers!

The Felicity Drinking Game Rules


Drink once every time:

You cringe during the "New Version of You" credit sequence.

Felicity is endearingly earnest.

Ben smiles sheepishly.

Noel is adorkable.

Elena is a better friend than anyone deserves.

Meghan is mean and it's awesome.

Javier butchers a word or figure of speech.

Richard freaks out (in a good or bad way).


Drink twice every time:

Felicity stresses you out.

Felicity says, "Dear Sally."

Sean invents something.

Javier refers to Ben as “Benjamin.”

Let's wrap up sophomore year and get ready to jam as juniors!

2.22 "The Biggest Deal There Is"

Ben and Felicity are on like Donkey Kong, but they're not getting it on all the way... yet. Determined to spend the summer with Ben (who is flying back to CA the day following Javier and Samuel's wedding), Felicity turns down the internship, even after Professor Morton tells her that they would be working with a guest curator who is apparently a big effing deal painter guy. I get Felicity's desire to be with Ben (boy do I get it) but I think I speak for all of us when I say that it's a RELIEF when Felicity runs into Dr. Pavone in the bathroom. After Pavone congratulates her on the internship, Felicity begrudgingly admits that she turned it down but swears that it's because she wants to spend time with parents. Pavone sees through that BS, because she's a shrewd mothercusser, and tells Felicity, "Don't throw away an opportunity to become a more interesting person out of fear." CAN WE GET THAT ON A T-SHIRT, PLEASE? Pavone reassures Felicity that, if she and Ben truly love each other, they'll be there for each other no matter what, and she's so right. (Apparently, she only gives the really good advice in the bathroom. Which seems in line with girl code.) 

Felicity initially resists Pavone's wisdom, but then she spots Ben talking with Natalie, Javier's smokin' hot cousin who is Trouble with a Capital T, and realizes that she can't babysit their relationship (though she has nothing to fear from Natalie, because Ben may be a dude, but he's a dude in love with Felicity). Plus Javier has adequately warned him.

Javier's devil horns make me dream of a world where he had access to emojis. 

Ben tells Felicity to take the internship, but he's clearly upset about spending the summer apart, and their conversation devolves into Ben saying they should slow things down. NOOOOOO. I'm so glad I've seen this episode several times because otherwise I'd be threatening to cut the writers for so quickly separating my OTP. On the bright side, this friction results in a great exchange between Ben, Richard and Sean, with the latter saying, "I can't believe she chose the internship over you," and Richard replying, "Now you know what it's like to be Noel." OH SNAP. To make matters worse, Professor Morton has already offered the internship to a grad student, so Felicity is in a holding pattern. 

Sean is in the same kind of purgatory thanks to Meghan, who tells Felicity that he's pretty amazing then tells Sean that their night together was a big mistake. She claims she has to focus on prepping for her counselor gig at Wicca Camp--apparently she got kicked out last summer but it's under new management--so they agree to have sex "just one more time." Riiiiight.

Meanwhile, Julie has been contacted, after months of radio silence, by her birth mother, Carol, who tells her that her birth father (Carol's husband) is sick. Thanks to Ben being sweet and asking Julie what happened, we find out that Carol asked Julie to take a test to determine if she's a match to be a kidney donor. Julie walked out (understandable) but Ben points out that her dad is innocent in this situation--it was Carol who hid the truth from him about having a daughter. Ben, YOU ARE SO WISE. Julie seems to reconsider taking the test, and I do not envy her one bit.  

At Javier and Samuel's rehearsal dinner (at Sean's loft!), Noel meets Natalie, and since he did not receive Javier's ample warnings, he is immediately intrigued. I gotta admit, their initial banter is charming, and I'm kinda proud of Noel for bringing such a strong flirt game! 

Felicity, as the best (wo)man, begins her toast by extolling the virtues of Javier ("There is no bigger romantic on this planet"--so true) but then gets all passive aggressive towards Ben by using her speech to highlight everything Javier and Samual have that she and Ben don't. It is SO UNCOMFORTABLE (drink drink drink) and then it gets WORSE when Ben stands up and starts a toast of his own, about how Samuel followed Javier to Spain, and it's basically a terrible game of one-upmanship. Finally, Felicity and Ben head into his room to argue, but they go from fighting to sex (!!!!) in about 10 seconds, and while Felicity laughts over the fact that the 40 people in the next room have no idea what is happening, I want to cringe myself inside out because those 40 people TOTALLY KNOW and it's a freaking rehearsal dinner and Javier is most def the Jesus of forgiveness. Like, I can't even be happy that Felicity and Ben did it because I'm busy being pounded by TSUNAMI WAVES OF AWKWARD. 

But, okay, it is pretty damn wonderful when they're cuddled up in bed afterwards, with Felicity teasing Ben about how he says "anything" ("Eh-nything"--Scott Speedman is Canadian after all) and how he used to call Javier "Javi-eh." ADORBS. 

As the wedding is about to begin, all manner of shizz hits the fan. Felicity gets a call from her professor, who says the internship is all hers. Elena, worried because Noel never came home, finds out that he and Natalie spent the night walking around the city and talking together, and when Natalie brushes it off by asking Elena if she's ever done something similar, Elena reponds with: "If we get to know each other better, I'll let you in on things I've done." Bow down to HRH the Ice Queen! And Sean, in a rare act of backbone, demands courtesy and kindness from Meghan then gives her a silver skull necklace. "No one's ever given me jewelry before..." Meghan begins, before Sean interrupts. "Let me finish. That I don't wear in my nose, tongue or belly button." Great moments happen when Meghan is interrupted

Now it's finally time for the ceremony, and as Javier and Samuel say their vows, there's not a dry eye in the house. 

Javier announces that he's going to be a freshman at the University of NY in the fall (!!) while Felicity and Ben stare at each other with blazing heart eyes, and I NOW PRONOUNCE US ALL PREGNANT FROM SWOON. 

With the reception in full swing, Felicity tells Ben that she's gonna take the internship, and he gives the absolute perfect response: "Well, we better start dancing." 


You know who else is feeling a spark? Noel, who tells Natalie, "I've spent the past year trying to do the right thing and be the nice guy and be understanding and kind and accommodating and I am so sick of it!" She asks him if he wants to do something dangerous, something scary and impulsive and wild, and his answer is yes, because the next morning, Natalie doesn't show up for her flight, and Elena discovers that half of Noel's stuff is gone. He left a note that simply said, "See you in September, maybe." And all of us that have seen Season 3 twiddle our fingers with glee!

As everyone prepares to head out for the summer, Meghan (wearing the skull necklace) informs Sean that she quit Wicca Camp and wants him to spend the next few months with her at her parents' villa in Tuscany. Sean gives the appropriate answer, which is HELL YES.

Felicity and Ben say good-bye next to his cab, and she's teary, and I'm teary, but their last kiss is a good one, and Ben whispers that he loves her, and she says she loves him, and it's bittersweet but in the most lovely way. Especially because Dr. Pavone calls Felicity and tells her to come by the office, where she's packing up (don't go, Pavone!). She shows Felicity a picture of her husband, Joe, who was in the Air Force, which meant they were apart on and off for four years. "You get through it," she tells Felicity, then she says, in her profound Pavone way, "You chose yourself over a guy, over Ben. Do you realize what that means? It means you're growing. It means you're making real choices, adult choices." Then we get a final shot of Felicity, standing on the roof where she and Ben talked about seeing snow, but this time she's alone, ready for a summer of adventure on her own terms, and WE'RE SO PROUD OF YOU, GIRL. 

How many times do I have to take a drink?

Ben's Lack of Respect for the Student Body (Co-)President

It's worth noting that Richard includes a Speedo in his list of key ingredients for a summer in Palm Beach.

The Student Body (Co-)President's Lack of Respect for Ben

Meghan's Guide to Wedding Attire

Never wear white, obviously.

Cooking Up a Bromance


Crunching On This Reception Montage

My heart, MY HEART!

Best Meghan-ism

In the after-glow of hooking up with Sean:


Just like the rest of America, I knew Ali Landry as the Dorito's girl before she played Natalie. And her IMDB tells me that this role on Felicity is... by far her best. 


3.1 "The Christening"

Junior year is about to begin, and you can tell that more than a few months have passed because Felicity's hair has outgrown the Chia Head phase. So what's everyone been up to over the summer? A quick primer:

- Felicity and Ben are still together! Whew! But they haven't seen each other since Ben went to CA. In less cool news, Felicity's parents are getting a divorce. 

- You can tell Sean and Meghan had the most glorious time in Italy because these two are smitten kittens. Also, the Independent Film Channel wants to turn the Docuventary into a series, which means Sean will continue stalking everyone with a video camera. 

- Tracy and Elena volunteered at a children's hospital (of course). They haven't had sex yet, but they are in L-O-V-E. 

- Javier is ready to enroll at UNY!

- Julie had the exact opposite of a nice summer: her birth father died. She wasn't a donor match for the kidney he needed, but she was able to get to know him before he passed. 

- Noel is... ?!! No one has heard from him since he left the wedding with Natalie, who is referenced as the girl who "looks like the Doritos chick." (I see what you did there, writers.) He hasn't registered for classes or sent in a tuition payment, so Richard launches a mission. "As God is my witness, I'm gonna find him!"

- Speaking of the Founder of Free Pizza Fridays, he worked at Disneyworld, which was apparently not the most magical place on earth.

The fact that we never got an episode focused solely on Richard's summer is one of TV's greatest tragedies.

Felicity, Julie and Elena are supposed to live in a student housing apartment together (along with a random roomie from England who won't arrive for another tweek weeks), but when Javier takes Felicity to pick out some furniture from his friend Mitchelll, who's moving, she's enchanted by visions of living in Mitchell's old apartment with Ben. 

After reuniting with Julie and Elena (they're all so happy to see each other! Yay!), Felicity breaks the news that she's going to live with Ben and suggests that Meghan can take her place. Ugh, I hate that Felicity is being that girl right now. Don't ditch your friends! Especially when rent is involved!

I forgive her a little when Ben finally gets to NYC and they fall into each other's arms and start to giggle like they can't believe this is real life. Felicity tells him about the apartment, and he guesses correctly that she's already put down a deposit, so he agrees. As delightful as these two are, you can tell that this will NOT end well. Especially when Ben sees the apartment, which he later tells Sean is a "hellhole." (He's not wrong!) What he sees as "dirty," Felicity sees as "romantic," and girl is aaaaaaall about the breakfast nook, so Ben hides his disgust, because he doesn't want to hurt Felicity's feelings. Instead, he takes Sean's advice (did he not learn last year?!!) and decides to engage in a weird strategy of acting happy about the apartment while showcasing its flaws. The first step: he buys a massive TV screen projector thing that looks like an oven and takes up half of the kitchen. Felicity pretends to be cool with it. Oh and did I mention the pipes, which make loud clanging noises every time their downstairs neighbor, a sexy Russian dancer lady, takes a bath? Again, NOT GONNA END WELL.  

That's when a bug enters the picture.

Gif from

Cue a series of unfortunate events involving an electrical socket spitting sparks, a lamp catching on fire and a fire extinguisher that doesn't work, i.e. HILARIOUS MAYHEM. We were talking last week about Keri Russell's comedy skills, and they are on full display here, though I think Scott Speedman wins for making me legit bark with laughter when he rushes in with a fire extinguisher from the hallway and shouts, "CLEAR! CLEAR!" 

It only takes all of that, plus Ben getting stitches (he had to break the glass to get the extinguisher) for Felicity to realize that maybe living together wasn't the best idea. Meanwhile, Ben recognizes that following Sean's advice was a mistake: "The TV really didn't help at all because it's become like this fort for all of the animals and insects." But they each decide to give it one more go, with Felicity planning to cook a romantic meal (so they can finally "christen" the apartment, i.e. DO IT IN THE NOOK) and Ben vowing to fix the sink as something he can tackle to improve the apartment. Unfortunately for Ben, Sexy Russian Dancer (her name is Brigette Pastercheck) shows up and asks to use his bathtub because the landlord says the pipes will explode if she uses hers (there's gotta be at least ten porn flicks that start out like this). Ben does a terrible job of saying no, and when Felicity arrives back home, she finds Brigette Pastercheck soaking in bubbles, so she is PISSED. Their fight is interrupted by Brigette, naked and covered in bubbles, holding out a phone and saying, "They found Noel." 

Apparently, Richard tracked down a girl who works at a place with the unappealing name of the Skippy Club, where Natalie has been hanging out with a "wild guy" named Leon. Richard rallies the troops, partially because he's scared of confronting Leon, and they descend upon Leon's apartment. Once again, I love seeing the gang all together, especially when Richard remarks that, "My private dick work has taken us here," and Tracy makes a snide comment with regards to Richard's "dick work." 

They knock on the door... and Noel emerges! Noel is Leon! (Leon is Noel spelled backwards. IT ALL MAKES SO MUCH SENSE). 

Noel/Leon is happy to see them, but if the highlights didn't give it away, dude has CHANGED. Felicity tells him how worried they've been, and he shrugs it off by telling them that he and Natalie were in Cuba, and they're actually about to go on another trip, and no, he's not returning to college, and everything's cool and whatever, man! It's clear to Felicity that Noel has made a conscious decision to be impulsive and fun 24/7, but Richard is undeterred. He's gonna get his buddy back!

Later that night, Felicity tells Javier about the pressures of living with Ben and shares that she's going to give up the apartment. He gives her money to take a cab home and I LOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP SO MUCH. When she arrives home, it's lit up with candles and a super swoony Ben, who now understands that (as Sean wisely put it, for once) Felicity sees him through the same eyes that see the beauty in this shithole apartment. He apologizes about the whole Brigette Pastercheck situation and tells her that he wants to make living together great, but Felicity tenderly admits that she gave up the place. They still have it for one more night, though, which means SEXY BATHTIME! In the midst of rub a dub dub (that sounds dirtier than I intended), Ben starts fantasizing about the two of them living together after college, and it's totes cute and YES YOU SHOULD DO THAT. 

Meanwhile, Elena finds Julie crying on the couch and guesses that it's about her dad, but Julie just wants to be alone. Elena respectfully backs off while reminding Julie that she's not alone (Elena is the best, DRINK) but obviously, Julie's harboring some kind of secret about her summer (not of the Lois Duncan variety). 

The episode ends with Noel/Leon and Natalie returning from their trip, where... they got married! Whooo boy.

How many times do I have to take a drink?


The Javier Lexicon

How much do you love the way Javier pronounces "dot com" as "dot comb"? Almost as much as the way he says "nickname" (drink):

And I haven't even talked about College Freshman Javier! Whom I wanna squeeze so hard! Especially when he talks about wanting to rush without knowing what that even means.

Sean + Meghan 4-Ever

In the middle of making out, Meghan notices that Sean has a camera on. He denies it (dude, not okay) and then Meghan freaks out because... the camera is in the wrong place and not getting the best angle. Gah, they are perfect for each other.

Ben's S3 Premiere Haircut < Ben's S2 Premiere Haircut

Let's be honest, I'll always say yes to Ben but I'm gonna give a big NOPE to this haircut that manages to answer the question, "Is it possible for hair to be both too short and too long at the same time?"

Squad Goals

It's never more clear that Felicity has made a colossal mistake in moving in with Ben than when we see Meghan, Elena and Julie having a painting party and sharing girl talk in their glorious apartment. (It's so fancy that when Sean sees it, he says, "Welcome to college, Mrs. Trump." Yeah, that's weird now.) I also love that Meghan really wants to thank them for letting her move in but can't bring herself to say the words, so Elena simply states, "You're welcome." 

Then there's this FANTASTIC exchange when it's clear that Felicity is gonna move into the girls' apartment, and Meghan refuses to be kicked out.  

You know Julie means that in a loving way. 

Tracy and Elena Are TOO CUTE

So, these two competitive lovebirds both wanted to get into a class that's so highly coveted, there's a lottery system involving numbered cards. They agreed to wait to open their envelopes until they were together at dinner, and if only one of them got in, he/she would pay for the meal. Tracy confides to Sean's Docuventary camera that he decided to open the envelopes early, and when he realized that he got a winner number and Elena didn't, he switched the cards so that she would get in. But then, when they got to dinner and he opened up the envelope, he had his original (winning) card! 

Let's not dwell on the hot dude who apparently lives across the hall from the girls' apartment and seems a likely candidate for, as Sean put it, "temptation." 

But Seriously, This Scene 

Sound the alarm! FOR COMEDY!


Now that we've met Noel/Leon, two questions: should Meredith and I refer to him as "Noel/Leon" or "Leon" or "Highlights McGee" or what? And second, how do we feel about Leon as an arc for Noel? 

Also, how amazing is it for Felicity to finally get Friends-ed and have everyone (okay, just all of the gals) living together?!

Tune in next week for Meredith's recap of "The Anti-Natalie Intervention" (Richard FTW) and "Hello, I Must Be Going." 

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