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YA Onscreen: Netflix Brings Us DANCE ACADEMY: THE COMEBACK

For those of you who didn't already purchase it and watch it twice. Plus the bajillionth Little Women adaptation, Timeless is homeless, and another Netflix movie coming in August that is basically FYA catnip. 

YA Onscreen: Netflix Brings Us DANCE ACADEMY: THE COMEBACK

Happy Fourth to all you American readers and thanks for joining me for another YA Onscreen! I’ve got a full day of being lazy to get started on, so let’s get going with these links!

The best on-screen kisses of 2018, so far (because it’s July and the year is half over, whaaaaat). 

Books clubs save lives is what we got from this trailer. Also Netflix is totally killing it lately with the movies I’m actually interested to watch, plus, bonus Matthew Goode! (Actually there are a lot of recognizable people in this movie.) 

Another Little Women adaptation, for those that are interested. This one may include Greta Gerwig as director, Emma Stone, Meryl Streep, and Saoirse Ronan. 

The racism these actresses of color face when they play traditionally white roles has to stop. 

What the what? Dance Academy: The Comeback is coming to Netflix this month

Angie Thomas after seeing her book made into a movie for the first time. We’re all kinda crying with you, Ang.

Paul Feig is attached to a Universal “holiday romance set in London” (boy do they know my trigger words) called Last Christmas from a screenplay by Emma Thompson and Bryony Kimmings. 

A bracket to pick the greatest Chris movie of all time, for Mashable’s Chris-mas in July week (did they not hear that we already debated the merits of the best Chris last year?). 

Timeless fails to find another home on another network (sob) and while a TV movie is being bandied about, it’s expensive and there won’t really be much incentive for NBC to proceed with that step (sob again). Keep your fingers and toes crossed! 

What streaming shows are returning or being cancelled

Captain Marvel is on the lookout for two more character castings. 

Miles Teller will be playing Goose’s son in the Top Gun: Maverick sequel. I have…zero interest in anything about that statement. Top Gun bored me and I don’t care who disagrees.  

That’s it for the week! Let us know what your Fourth plans are in the comments and what entertainment news you’re most excited about today!

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