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Catch Up With Book Plate, The FYA Podcast

Diving right into a literary meal, one FYA Book Club pick at a time!

Catch Up With Book Plate, The FYA Podcast

For all those times your book club discussion wasn't enough, the FYA Book Plate podcast has a whole new slew of episodes (and a new hostess!) for you to chew on. 

Wait a second, you didn't know we had a podcast? Well, let us fill you in:

Book Plate discusses each month's FYA Book Club pick at length, in a "menu" format inspired by the story. The food and drinks are always taken directly from the text, and we separate topics by "course." For example, the amuse bouche is almost always quick facts about the author and the book itself, whereas the main course is reserved for meatier topics. Our goal is to give you a "reader response" discussion: why the book did or did not resonate with us as individuals. The main difference between FYA's reviews and the podcast is that we fully discuss spoilers and book topics as they relate to our own experiences, in depth, rather than describing the book and giving you some key information as to why you may or may not like it.

You can access all of the episodes (November 2016 through May 2018) here.

Also, please welcome Amanda K. (of the San Francisco FYA chapter and Supernatural rewatch fame) as the newest hostess! She's replacing me as of this year (my personal Major Life Upheaval is the listeners' gain). Without further ado, I give you the current hostesses of Book Plate:



Annie is an arts administrator, which is just as bureaucratic as it sounds, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a ride or die SF chapter cheerleader and has many opinions on books and other things. When not fighting the pantiarchy (or pantyarchy?) she social engineers her friends and acquaintances into arts and craft activities.




Britt lives in San Francisco, CA. When she’s not sprawled out on her classroom floor after a long day of droppin’ knowledge, she can be found at home reading YA and/or reminding Netflix that yes she is still watching, thank you very much. Her patronus is a bespectacled giraffe.




Amanda K. likes her heroines brash, her romantic leads snarky, and her video games Triple A. When she’s not re-enacting her favorite TV monologues, she’s getting up to all kinds of shenanigans with the San Francisco FYA Book Club.


We hope you'll join us!

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