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THE 100 5x09: Sic Semper Tyrannis

Blodreina in a coma, I know, I know, it's seeeeerious. 

THE 100 5x09: Sic Semper Tyrannis

Previously: Abby finds a cure for the prisoners' lung disease, Raven and Shaw share a moment, Octavia arrests Clarke for being a traitor, and Bellamy poisons Octavia with algae, causing her to fall into a coma.

So, in case you haven't already Googled it, the title of this week's episode translates to, "Thus always to tyrants," which Wikipedia tells me is a phrase "invoked historically in Europe and other parts of the world as an epithet or rallying cry against abuse of power." Who else feels smarter now?


In Shallow Valley, Abby and Diyoza are only giving the cure to Dioyza's most trusted people while keeping it a secret from McCreary, who has about a week or two left to live. That's plenty of time for him to eff shizz up, even though Diyoza's men currently have all of the guns. Raven is still rightfully pissed at Echo for wanting to kill Shaw (the only pilot) and makes the argument that his intel is valuable--basically, there's a civil war about to happen between Team McCreary and Team Diyoza. Murphy, Raven, Emori and Echo hatch a plan to incite that war while making their escape, and Raven convinces Shaw to come with them (she doesn't have to try very hard). Murphy correctly guesses that McCreary doesn't know that Diyoza has been hiding the cure, so once he tells him, it's GAME ON. 

Diyoza tries to get McCreary's crew on her side by telling them that she was planning to share the cure and, bonus, Kane has been working on a settlement in the south woods where everyone can get their own plot of land! Surprisingly, people look like they believe her (how these guys can ever trust each other is beyond me), so Murphy has to throw a rock into the crowd to finally get the party war started. While guns are ablazing, Kane rendezvous with Echo, Raven, Murphy and Shaw to make a hasty exit, but he insists on finding Diyoza and Abby first. Echo isn't having it, but Kane insists that Diyoza is crucial--without her, the peace deal goes away. Fair point! Murphy volunteers to go with him because he is clearly the MVP of this episode. 

Diyoza is facing off in an insanely rad fight with McCreary, who seems to have the upper hand (by means of a chokehold) when Diyoza drops her bomb: "You kill me, you kill your unborn child." He hesitates, and she grabs a shard of glass and slashes the side of his neck. Nice! And also, gross! She escapes with Kane and Murphy, but unfortunately, Abby has been taken, and McCreary (yep, STILL ALIVE) plans to have her cure everyone and then "exterminate the savages that would take our land." (I can just see the red caps now: "Make Shallow Valley Great Again.") 

Meanwhile, Octavia is in a coma, and Bellamy tells Clarke (who's still imprisoned) that he's responsible. The plan is for Indra to take over control of Wonkru and then surrender to Diyoza. Piece of cake. PSYCHE! Wonkru is not down with Indra's pitch for peace, and Miller (dude, what happened to you in that Dark Year?!) calls on the army to follow him and march on the valley. Blodreina's influence is still strong AF. Desperate to avoid a war, Bellamy tells Clarke that their only option is to give the Flame to Madi and make her the commander. Clarke is like, NOPE, but turns out Bellamy wasn't really asking, and after Indra convinces Gaia that this needs to be done, the latter presents Madi with the choice (well, that was nice of her). Madi is torn, but ultimately she decides to take the Flame to save Clarke, because she is the sweetest. 

In an incredible feat of bad timing, Octavia wakes up, so Indra has to kill everyone in the room (though she only incapacitates Jackson, thank god) to insure that the word doesn't get out and stop the Ascension Ceremony from happening. Octavia is beyond P.O.ed, then she and Indra make vague references to the Dark Year and dammit, why won't the writers just spill the beans on that shizz already?! Meanwhile, Niylah goes to Clarke's cell to berate her for letting Madi ascend, but Clarke tells her the truth--that it wasn't her call--so Niylah frees her. UGH NIYLAH. Clarke heads to Octavia's room with the intent to kill her (to protect Madi) but the two women quickly figure out they actually want the same thing and rush to the Ascension room to prevent Madi from becoming Commander. She's unconcious, having already taken the Flame, so Octavia has Bellamy and Gaia arrested while Clarke (with a Wonkru escort carrying Madi) makes her way to the Rover, presumably to... go to the Valley? Madi wakes up, and the escort, under orders from Octavia, makes a move to shoot her, but then Madi starts going through his, like, life story! That Flame is working its magic! He instantly swears his loyalty to her, so of course Clarke shoots him in the head. Oh, Clarke. Madi begs to stay, because otherwise Octavia will win and Bellamy, Gaia and Indra will die. "They made their choice," Clarke replies, then drives away. ICE COLD.

The episode ends with Blodreina taking back command of Wonkru and swearing that all traitors (including her brother, bound and gagged before her) will be dealt with. Once she's back in the privacy of her throne room, though, we see her shed a single tear. Octavia's still in there somewhere! Maybe? Hopefully?!


- Clarke reassuring Bellamy that he did the right thing in poisoning Octavia. When it comes to ethically gray areas, these two have each other's backs!

- Madi, facing the choice of the Flame and asking, "What happens to Clarke if I don't do this?" <3 <3 <3

- Indra, putting Octavia's room on lockdown and throwing a knife into a dude's head. Those years in the bunker have definitely not softened this tough ole broad! 


- Bellamy walking away from a chained up Clarke as she begs him not to break his promise by giving the Flame to Madi. That hurts.

- Speaking of hurt: Clarke slapping Bellamy across the face when she finds him in the Ascension Room. DAMN. Will their relationship ever recover? (Of course it will, Bellakru.)

- Diyoza telling McCreary that he's her baby daddy!


This was a Very John Murphy episode (which I loved) but I gotta give this week's award to Madi, who took a MAJOR one for the team by letting Gaia attach the Flame (a.k.a. scaryass spider chip) to her neck in order to save Clarke and the rest of the gang. I can't wait to see her evolve into the Commander. 


"What's he doing?" - Raven, watching John about to incite a fight between two prisoners. 
"He's being John Murphy." - Emori, loving him for it (as do we all). 

"We'll head back to Shallow Valley together." - Bellamy, assuring Clarke that the Indra takeover plan will work.
"Together." - Clarke, pretending like the writers aren't about to eff with us. 

"God, your poker face sucks." - Emori to Murphy. These two are so getting back together!

"Either you come with us, or we'll kill you. How's that for easygoing?" - Raven, after Shaw says he likes her for her easygoing charm. These two are so getting together!

"Must I always do everything myself?" - Murphy, before throwing a rock into the crowd and starting the war, which he then declares his masterpiece. This guy!

"I'm ashamed of you." - Octavia, realizing Indra's plot against her. 
"And I'm afraid of you. Of what you've become." - Indra, making us all have a sad. 


- Where the hell were Monty and Harper? Still getting jiggy with it on the algae farm? (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) 

- Do you think McCreary really is the father of Diyoza's baby?

- And did she purposefully not kill him? Seems like an inch to the right would've ended that dude. 

- At one point, Indra says to Gaia, "You are as responsible for what Octavia became as I am." SO TELL US WHAT HAPPENED IN THE DARK YEAR ALREADY.

- Where are Clarke and Madi headed? And how long will it take for Madi to become Commander? Because that's like, so happening, right?

Hit me up with your theories and thoughts in the comments, then get ready to rumble next week with an Indra and Bellamy Thunderdome! (My money's on Indra, although we all know what happens if Bellamy dies.)



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