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THE 100 5x12: Damocles - Part One

It's been said before, and we'll say it again, but HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS. 

THE 100 5x12: Damocles - Part One

Previously: We learn about the Dark Year (Abby convincing everyone that cannibalism was the only way to survive and Octavia shooting people who wouldn't eat dat human jelly), plus Raven and Shaw kiss, Abby goes through intense rehab and Kane and Diyoza turn themselves in to McCreary. 


HOT DAMN, Y'ALL. I had high hopes for part one of the season finale, and the writers did NOT let me down! Finally, some impossible choices! Finally, some heart-stopping moments! Finally, a main character death! (Maybe?) 

So, Wonkru advances on the Gorge (the entrance to the Valley, I'm guessing) but since Diyoza and Kane have clued McCreary in on the plan, he's one step ahead, and his posse ambushes Octavia's army. It's a bloodbath, and Bellamy and O get sonic boomed by a cannon and pass out on the ground. 

McCreary celebrates his victory by making Kane listen to the sounds of Wonkru getting slaughtered, then he tells Diyoza he's going to kill her after the baby is born. Such a gentleman! 

Abby seems full recovered from her addiction (?), having done 122 procedures on the prisoners in 5 days. Um, are we sure she hasn't moved on to speed? Madi is still (understandably) pissed at Clarke and attempts to run away, but Clarke finds her and, while hugging her, throws a shock collar around her neck, which she then puts to use?! Clarke, WTF is wrong with you? You know this isn't what "tough love" means, right? 

Bellamy and Octavia wake up on the battlefield and realize if they move, they'll be shot. They spend a few hours arguing over whose fault everything is (spoiler: it's Octavia's) while the 300 survivors who've retreated to the Wasteland try to figure out what to do. Miller unsuccessfully attempts to rally the troops (that dude is DELUDED) while, over the radio, Raven tells Monty that Diyoza betrayed them. So now there's a new problem: if they don't figure out a way to get the survivors through the Gorge, they'll die in the Wasteland.

When night falls, Bellamy and Octavia make a run for it, trying to avoid the rotating spotlight. They stumble upon Indra and Gaia, who's been hit badly. (I only care because Indra cares.)

Echo, Shaw and Raven decide to kidnap Madi, thinking that the true Commander could get the 300 Wonkru (who are reticent to face another battle, totally get it) to follow her through the Gorge. But they don't need to use force--Madi is happy to go, except for the small issue of Clarke showing up with a gun and pointing it at everyone GIRL WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Madi physically throws Clarke off guard, and then Echo starts pummeling the crap out of her, and honestly, it's kind of satisfying. Madi tells her to stop, and Echo responds, "She left Bellamy to die." OUCH. Echo backs off, because Madi won't go with her otherwise, but then they realize that Clarke's radio was live and broadcasting everything, and a second later, McCreary and his posse burst through the doors and take everyone prisoner. CLARKE. PLEASE STOP SUCKING IMMEDIATELY. 

Back at the gas station/hospital, Abby finds a leftover pill (no!) just as Kane walks in for a heart-to-heart. He's tired of having to choose the least bad option and clearly wracked with guilt over siding with McCreary (but I don't blame him?). Abby secretly empties the pill of its contents (YAY) but oh snap, Vinson is watching through the window! Later, after Abby has left, he shows up to "talk" to Kane, and they have a very strained conversation during which I am CRIPPLED with dread and then Vinson attacks Kane and stabs him and then BITES HIS THROAT NOOOOO. Abby shows up and sets Vinson's shock collar to eleven, thereby killing him, but it might be too late to save Kane. Even as he's bleeding out, he's trying to comfort Abby. "She killed those people, not you," he whispers. "It was Octavia." 

While we're left wondering IS KANE DEAD OR ALIVE, Clarke and Echo are facing off under the watchful eye of two guards. "I should've killed you when I had the chance," declares Echo, while Clarke reminds her of her own misdeeds concerning Mt. Weather. But then Clarke admits that she thinks Echo and Bellamy are good for each other, but she talks like Bellamy is dead, and Echo's like, he's alive, no thanks to you, and I'm confused about why Clarke just assumed Bellamy was dead? So Clarke kind of freaks out and walks over to Madi, who tells her that Lexa's deepest regret was betraying Clarke at Mt. Weather, i.e. choosing to protect her people rather than stay true to someone she loved. This suddenly changes Clarke's entire outlook (let's just go with it), so she shoots the two guards and then stays behind to stop the transport ship (with Shaw and the bombs) from taking off while Echo and Madi head out to save everyone else. 

Shaw has his own plan to stop the transport ship: remove the pilot, i.e. he asks Raven to amp up his collar to shock him to death. Because he knows that he'll break when he watches McCreary torture Raven, and it's so romantic in a really effed up way. Obvs, she says no.  

Then, back on the battlefield, Octavia realizes that she's basically destroyed Wonkru, so she decides to sacrifice herself to distract the enemy in order for Bellamy, Indra and Gaia to make their escape. It's an INSANELY dramatic moment, which is subsequently ruined (in a good way) when Madi, Echo, Emori and Murphy show up in the Rover and rescue everyone! They hurl a broken (and explosive) sonic cannon towards the prisoner posse and then drive away!!! THIS IS INSANE!


- Murphy leaping out with a sonic cannon and yelling, "Say hello to my little friend!" 

- Octavia, after deciding to sacrifice herself, chanting, "All of me, for all of us," to Indra and then this:

Gif via chatnoirs-baton.tumblr.com

- Clarke saying good-bye to Madi: "I'm the Commander of Death, and I say, we will meet again."

- Clarke telling Echo, "Go save him," meaning Bellamy, and Bellarkru rejoiced. 


- Echo beating the shizz out of Clarke!

- Vinson biting Kane's neck!! And Kane maybe probably dying?!!! 

- Octavia kneeling, ready for the bullets to hit her, when the Rover shows up!!!


There was a lot of badassery this week, but when you volunteer to die to save other people--then actually go through with it--you get the trophy. 


"I don't run." - Raven, dismantling the sonic cannon that's about to explode.

"You're asking someone who sent 100 kids to the ground to keep her own daughter from being floated." - Abby, responding to Clarke asking how she could break her promise to Madi to take out the Flame.
"So whatever it takes then?" -Clarke.
"Whatever it takes." - Abby.

"Bellamy's in trouble. Do what I say." - Echo to Murphy, who dares to question her leadership.

"First we survive, then we get our humanity back. You taught me that, remember? A long time ago." - Abby, sharing a bittersweet moment with Kane.

"Hey Clarke, I haven't seen you in six years. And this is how you say hello?" - Raven to Clarke, who has a gun pointed at her. I mean, seriously?!

"I broke it," - Octavia, after Gaia says, "Wonkru is broken."
"Yes, you did." - Indra, slaying all of us (but most especially Octavia). 

"I thought love was weakness. Isn't that what the commanders in your head tell you?" - Clarke. 
"Yes, all but one." - Madi, trying to GET THE TRUTH THROUGH THAT THICK SKULL. 

"All this time, you thought I was keeping you alive. But it was you who saved me." - Clarke to Madi. Their good-bye almost but not really makes up for Mom Clarke, who needs to never show her face again. 


- Diyoza and McCreary talk about these old "plans for human survival" that Diyoza drew up for the crew of the Eligius III ship. We know that Eligius IV had the prisoners on it, and McCreary says that III didn't have criminals so... do we know more now than we did before? I can't tell. 

- Is Kane dead?!!! I mean, he is gonna be on The Passage so...

- Did Clarke really think Bellamy was dead? And if so, why the hell wasn't she openly weeping this entire time? 

Next episode: It's the season finale!!! And we see in the preview that one of the bombs is marked with "Damocles," which is an allusion to this. But like, Wikipedia, what does that mean?



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