THE 100 5x13: Damocles - Part Two

Time flies when you're having fun on the brink of extinction.

THE 100 5x13: Damocles - Part Two

Previously: Vinson attacks Kane (and Abby then kills Vinson), Clarke turns against everyone to save Madi (but then realizes that "her people" is more than just one person and vows to stay to prevent the ship with missiles from taking off) and Octavia sacrifices herself to save Bellamy, Indra and Gaia (but then the Rover shows up with Murphy & Co. and saves them all). 


OOOOOOOMMMMMMFFFFGGGG Y'ALL!!! Where do I even BEGIN? I guess chronological order makes sense but who can be rational at a time like this?!! I will try my best!

The Rover shows up in the Wasteland, and Echo and Bellamy reunite and I am *underwhelmed.* Madi also pops out of the Rover, and Octavia plunges her sword... into the ground and bends da knee, swearing allegiance! Everyone else follow suit. Madi's having a bit of a tough time shouldering the burden of being Commander, but Bellamy comforts her in the SWEETEST big bro way and Gaia (who is in danger of losing her leg) encourages her to listen to the Commanders. Madi does, and suddenly she has a plan!

Meanwhile on the prison ship, McCreary is torturing Shaw in a dental fashion (gross), but it's not until he puts Shaw's leg in a massive claw that Raven breaks and offers to fly the ship. Fortunately, Clarke has "taken Diyoza hostage," and brings her to the bridge with a gun pointed at her baby bump. 

The Rover is driving through enemy territory and purposefully attracting gunfire so they can shoot out the cannons--which they do, with a badass Katniss move from Echo and a badass Bellamy move from Bellamy.

Too bad NONE of this works on McCreary, who is certifiably insane. He enters the launch codes and sets the missiles to drop on the Valley to destroy it. "If I can't have this valley, no one can." Well, shit. Clarke forces Shaw to fly the ship by holding a gun to Raven's head, but it's clear that she's really out to KO McCreary, whom she shoots/kicks in the head/I think he's dead? 

Madi's army makes it to the camp, where Madi commands that they kill the prisoners. Bellamy considers this a teachable moment and asks her to listen to the Flame while talking about the 100's past mistakes. The looks he exchanges with Octavia are EVERYTHING.

Raven radios everyone to get the hell to the transport ship, which only has nine minutes before the missiles make impact. Since Murphy is wounded, it seems like they might have to leave him behind--PSYCHE! Monty and Emori ("I'm not gonna leave the man I love")  would never let that happen. The former picks up him (which is, like, one of those mom lifting a car to save a baby situations because Monty is skinny, y'all) and starts to run towards the ship. 

Madi and crew arrive first, much to Clarke's relief (although Bellamy does not look happy to see her), but no one knows where Abby is! She's actually busy trying to save Kane when Octavia finds her and (though we don't see it) convinces her to bring him to the ship. 

There's one minute left before impact (!!!) and Bellamy refuses to leave his friends--fortunately for him and all of us, they show up at the last second and make it on the ship just as the missiles hit! Gahhhhh!!!!

Raven and Shaw steer the ship away safely, cos they're mothercussing pros, and everyone seems to be okay: Gaia keeps her leg, Murphy has all of the bullets removed and Kane is in a drug-induced coma (he is the least okay of the bunch). Bellamy invites Clarke, whom he's forgiven, to the bridge, where they survey their options. Basically, there are 412 people on the ship, and they've got at least 10 years until the valley is inhabitable again, which means cryosleep is their best choice. Madi agrees, and they all go to sleep. (Whoa!)  

Cut to Clarke and Bellamy waking up... to find Jordan, Monty and Harper's teenage son WHAAAAA?!!! He's been instructed to wake them up first (Harper and Monty, as my friend Bridget put it, are such the matchmakers!) and then play them a message. That's when they discover they've been asleep for 125 years (!!!) and in that time, Monty and Harper realize that the Earth isn't recovering--AND they also have a baby, whom they eventually put in cryosleep. Monty searches for a Plan B planet and ultimately finds it (same place the Eligius 3 was looking for), but not before Harper dies. He decides not to put himself into Cryo and die in the same lifetime as Harper (sob!) but welcomes Calrke and Bellamy to this gorgeous planet ("in the Goldilocks zone of a binary star system") and bids them good luck. "May we meet again." 



- Octavia bending the knee to Madi and then the entire army following her lead.

- Madi yelling, "CHARGE!" to her army as a true Commander would.

- Clarke's face when she sees Madi & Co. running towards the ship. 

- Bellamy telling Clarke, "I'm not leaving my friends. I can't do that again." And looking at her in a way that means he's thinking about how he left her six years ago and AHHHHHH!!!


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- Monty and Harper naming their baby Jordan Jasper Green. "Believe it or not, Murphy's his favorite... it was a rebelious phase." And the world WEPT.


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HOLY SH*T x 100

- Clarke telling McCreary, "You'll never know your daughter," and then kicking his face in!!!!

- Madi asking Bellamy if he has any idea how much Clarke cares about him and asking him to forgive her!!!! And then telling him she called him every day for 6 years when he was on the Ring!!!! And then his face as he realizes what she's saying! And BELLARKE FOREVER AND EVER AMEN. 


Everyone pour one out for Harper and Monty, a.k.a. the SAINTS that saved the human race. We're gonna miss y'all something fierce.


"It's hard to keep track of whose side you're on" - Diyoza
"I guess we have that in common" - Clarke

"We've been here before, Madi. We were the criminals, the 100. We landed in someone else's home and we went to war. You can execute them because they're the enemy or you can break the cycle. You can be better than them. You can be better than us."- Bellamy, making me cryyyyyy. 

"First we save their lives, then we let them prove they deserve it." - Madi, telling Clarke they have to save the prisoners.
"The Commanders told you that?" - Clarke.
"No, Bellamy." - Madi, who has GOT to be Bellarkru.

"Strike me down or get the hell out. Because I'm saving the man that I love." - Abby, telling Octavia to step off!

"Just once I'd like to take off from a planet that wasn't on fire." - Raven, who seriously can never catch a break!

"Cockroaches are hard to kill" - Clarke, celebrating the fact that Murphy is gonna make it!

"One garden, two serpents. Eden never stood a chance." - Octavia, stating the obvious to Diyoza.

"Kind of like closing the door in the floor" - Octavia, as Bellamy puts her into cryosleep. "I love you, big brother. I know you love me too. Don't make me wait 10 years to hear you say it."
"You're my little sister, and a part of me will always love you." - Bellamy
"Does the other part still wish I was dead?" - Octavia
"The other part wishes a part of you was. Yeah." - Bellamy
"That's fair." - Octavia. OUCH.


- So, like, WTF?!!!! 125 YEARS?!!!!

- What do y'all think about this next chapter of the show?

- Is Kane actually going to make it?

- What will this planet be like? Slight spoilers here

- Are y'all gonna tune in to the next season?!

- Who's got Bellarke fan vids they wanna share because we're going to need SOMETHING to carry us through til next year. 



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