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YA Onscreen: First Look At Live-Action MULAN

Our first look at Mulan in a badass pose, plus a new iteration of Spock and flashback casting on Riverdale

YA Onscreen: First Look At Live-Action MULAN

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s YA Onscreen day; rejoice! Let’s see what offerings the world has for our entertainment-starved brains. 

Praise for (the out this week!) Crazy Rich Asians

Glen Powell is the movie star we've been waiting for

If you idly wondered if there are any reboots left for Hollywood to make, never you fear. Designing Women has been tagged as the next player up to bat. I know I watched that show as a tot, but all I remember are their bright clothes and big hair. 

Remember that Mel Gibson / Nancy Meyers movie, What Women Want? There’s a reboot of sorts starring Taraji P. Henson called What Men Want coming out in January, where she’s a sports agent who hears men’s thoughts in order to better understand how to…fit in with them, I guess? I would not want that superpower for anything. Sorry, Taraji (though I'll still probably watch your movie). 

Mark Consuelos plays adult Hiram on Riverdale, but in the flashback episode of season three, his real-life son, Michael, will be playing his younger counterpart. How cute! 

This article posits that Lilly Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries movies was the worst. Do you agree? (I do. She was annoying. Tina Hakim Baba from the books was such a better friend AND she liked romance novels.)

Tessa Thompson is on fire this year. She’s in talks to voice Lady opposite Justin Theroux’s Tramp in the live-action Disney remake of Lady and the Tramp

Apparently Ruby Rose isn’t “gay” enough to play Batwoman? Internet people are never happy. Screw ‘em, Ruby. You do you. 

Looks like we’re finally getting some movement—Disney has released the first-look of Crystal Liu Yifei as Mulan! Jimmy Wong and Doua Moua have also been cast as Ling and Po, respectively, who are other soldiers in Mulan’s unit. 

Ethan Peck will be joining season two of Star Trek Discovery as none other than Spock. I enjoyed this tweet of the announcement, myself. 

The first few photos of the Sabrina remake, making it look appropriately creepy

Is Laura Dern joining the Little Women remake? Chances look good

That's it for the week! Let us know your thoughts below!

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