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YA Onscreen: Matt Smith Secures Key Role In STAR WARS: EPISODE IX

How cool would a sonic screw-saber be? Make it happen, JJ! Plus Little Women recasts and a Bewitch-ing reboot.

YA Onscreen: Matt Smith Secures Key Role In STAR WARS: EPISODE IX

Here we are for our last August YA Onscreen. Did this month fly by for you? Cuz it definitely did over here. But September kicks off the autumn-y season and, for me, these are some of the best months of the year (die, summer heat, die!). So let’s take a few minutes to say goodbye to the hottest month by reading some juicy entertainment news.

Reboot news—I know, you’re shocked. This time we’re getting a new Betwitched from producer Kenya Barris where Samantha is a black single mom who marries Darren, a white guy who is a bit of a slacker. I hope they keep the nose wiggle. 

Emma Watson looks to be taking over for Emma Stone in Greta Gerwig’s Little Women. Nothing against Watson, but I’m a Stone fan, so this is a bit of a bummer. 

Speaking of Little Women, apparently there’s a modern-day version coming out at the end of September with Lea Thompson as the March mom. This preview is entirely too long, so if you don’t want to feel like you’ve seen the entire thing before it comes out, I’d stop at the halfway mark:

Diversity is the word, is the word, is the word…Okay, it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but it IS the buzzword of the year for TV producers.   

The real love story behind TATBILB is the one between Jenny Han and Lana Condor

Are “angels” still in? Did we fall into a time warp back to the mid-2000s? Because an adaptation of the YA book Hush, Hush is happening. 

A profile on Amandla Stenberg, Hollywood’s go-to YA lead. 

Wilson Cruz remembers the shit he had to put up with in the ‘90s. 

Even dads love Noah Centineo:

The younger versions of the three dads in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and become IRL BFFs, and the internet finds this adorable:

Matt Smith is heading to the stars once again, sans a little blue box and plus a Death Star or two—AKA he is joining Star Wars: Episode IX! Do you think he’ll be on the side of the Rebels or the Empire? (I’m totally betting Empire.) 

That's it for the week! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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