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Our Reading Resolutions For 2019

Bookish resolutions are the best resolutions.

Our Reading Resolutions For 2019

Guys, we did it! We survived another year in one piece. ::claps:: We're always working to better ourselves here at FYA HQ, so in the spirit of a new year and a clean slate, we're making a few reading resolutions for 2019.


I’m gonna keep it real basic, y’all. For 2019, I resolve to just keep reading. My love for books has never wavered, but between the demands of my job and life in general, it’s been a struggle to read more than one book a month (and my first priority is always our book club selection). I need to to figure out a balance between dedicating time for reading and not feeling guilty if it doesn’t happen--though I do want to focus on the former, because when I have a book in my life, everything’s better!



Mandy W

To continue my streak of cheating and modifying my reading resolutions, my 2019 literature goals actually have more to do with writing than reading.

On the reading front, I’m dropping that Goodreads Reading Challenge target yet again, from 50 in 2018 (already reduced from 80 previously) to 30 in 2019. Which barely leaves me any after FYA Book Club selections and FYA review books, but that sort of works out even better. Looking back, I realized that my last no-obligation read -- as in, not for FYABC, not for review, not for potentially reviewing depending on how it is -- was in August. AUGUST. (And that was mostly because the flights I took didn’t have entertainment consoles.) Reading for fun hasn’t been high enough of a priority for me lately, so I’m hoping to get to more pressure-free reads in 2019 -- or at least with better frequency than I did in 2018.

I also want to put less pressure on myself to read in order to free up more time and effort to write. 2018 was the first time I participated in NaNoWriMo! And I failed! Or, rather -- I didn’t write 50K within the month of November. But since then, I’ve still been thinking about this first draft and I do want to try to finish it in 2019.

And it’s not the only writing I want to do more of. I’ve had this long-brewing idea for a series that the rest of FYA HQ is well acquainted with me saying “OOH YES I should do that for the series!” anddddd then me not actually doing anything with said series. WELL. I want to get my butt into gear for that, too. And to also write more book reports in general; I have book opinions that I want to subject y’all to!

So, TL;DR -- less reading, more writing!


Mandy C

In 2019, I resolve to:

1. Read books. (Natch.)

2. Read more LGTBQ+, diverse, inclusive, Own Voices books.

3. Read more from my ever-expanding TBR stack(s), rather than just new release books.

4. Read the sequels of series I started, but forgot about/left behind.

5. Read the FYA Book Club picks that I haven’t read. (This is a yearly resolution, as I never seem to make much headway.)

And I’m going to try—but not resolve, because I know myself—to allow myself more DNFs. I’m such a completist, but it’s occasionally to my own detriment. It’s OK to not finish books I’m not enjoying (she says, trying real hard to get herself to believe it).


This year, my resolution is to deal with guilt: the guilt of reading for pleasure when I could (or “should”) be reading for work. I knew my already-published-book consumption would slow down when I started working as a literary agent, but I was surprised at how guilty I feel for picking up books when I have a pile of manuscripts to read or edit. On the other hand, it’s made me appreciate reading for sheer pleasure even more: anything I don’t need to analyze, edit, sell, market, or review is an extra joy. (I’m also surprised at how annoyed I am that I can’t count manuscripts in my Goodreads challenge, but them’s the breaks.)

My resolution is to allow myself to read at least one book for pleasure each week, if I feel like it. I can’t believe I just typed that sentence!


Looking back, I'm surprised at how well I stuck to my reading resolutions this year!

1. I resolved to keep a low Goodreads Challenge number so that I wouldn't be stressing to complete it. I kept my challenge at 35 and read more than double that (75 books!). Since this worked so well for me, I'm going to resolve to do the same again. 

2. I resolved to listen to more audiobooks in 2018 and with a home renovation and LOTS of wall painting this spring, I made very good on that resolution. I listened to 18 audiobooks this year, 9 of which were non-fiction. I want to work on this again for 2019 and shoot for even more non-fiction, especially history. 

3. I'm still working on allowing myself to DNF a book I'm not enjoying. WHY IS THIS SO HARD? Life is too short and there are too many books out there to waste my time reading books I'm not enjoying. 

4. I also resolved to finish writing the YA manuscripts I'm working on. One needed a revision and one was only half written. The good news? I finished the half-written manuscript! The bad news? I still have to revise and edit both manuscripts. So that's my writing resolution for 2019!

5. My biggest new resolution for 2019 is to branch out. New genres, new authors, new topics. I finally got around to trying a romance novel this year and then promptly devoured, like, ten romance novels in a month. I could've been reading bodice rippers THIS WHOLE TIME. So whether it means more romance or non-fiction or classics, or even just a slice of YA I haven't explored much, I'd like to try new things this year.


I feel like I was pretty successful, book-wise, in 2018. I hit my goal of 80 books and a little over and didn’t feel stressed about it, which is definitely key. I feel like I sought out some new-to-me authors, finished some slightly older titles (God, I love a trilogy when all three books are already published), and read some diverse/#OwnVoices authors. I don’t really want to jinx it with too many lofty goals for 2019--so let’s just say, more of the same! Enjoy what I read, put down what I don’t, and learn a little something about myself and the world along the way.



Every spring, myself and three other school librarians present a workshop on new young adult literature at the annual meeting of the Missouri Association of School Librarians. We usually talk for nearly two hours and still never reach the end of our list. Unfortunately, only books published that school year are eligible. This often leads me to only read very recently published books, preferably ones that I can also review for FYA. This year I resolve to read more books that I want to read, even if I can’t include them in a presentation or review them here. I still have over forty Doc Savage adventures to read, and I’ve been at it since 1986.

Rosemary Hallmark's photo About the Author: Rosemary lives in Little Rock, AR with her cute husband and even cuter dog. At 16, she plucked a copy of Sloppy Firsts off the "New Releases" shelf and hasn't stopped reading YA since. (She's still got a soft spot for the swoony, contemporary stuff.) A former magazine editor, she is now a freelance writer, graphic designer, art director and photo stylist. The rest of her time is spent drinking cocktails, renovating her house and laughing at her husband's ridiculous Pretty Little Liars theories.