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ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO 1x04: Where Have All The Cowboys Gone

We need a good term for the Bridge Book Blues when it pertains to a TV episode.

ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO 1x04: Where Have All The Cowboys Gone

Previously: Liz tries to investigate Max’s involvement with Rosa’s death, gets run off by Isobel, goes on a scavenger hunt, and gets a confession from Max—but not the kind she was expecting—and Max’s resulting angst turns into a city-wide blackout. Kyle also tries to help with the investigation, but can’t help feeling used by Alex’s shady dad.


Liz continues the investigation into Rosa’s death, going so far as to contacting her ex-boyfriend for any information he might have about the mysterious person she was dating at the end. He doesn’t know, but he does have some of her old stuff, including a ticket to Los Alamos and an unsigned note … that might be some damning evidence for Kyle’s dad, the former sheriff of Roswell. (But Liz being distraught over the discovery lead to him getting laid, so …)

Meanwhile, Isobel continues to try to test her powers before going after Liz again, and is super upset when she finds out—via Maria’s memories—that Rosa was avoiding her/didn’t like her. Max has to deal with the aftermath of his Hulk-out, and leaves some questionable evidence in the hospital basement when he can’t, yet again, ignore someone who’s hurting. And Sergeant Manes skulks around the city, trying to get both Sheriff Valenti and Jenna to do his problematic (mostly for the aliens, one assumes) bidding.


- Rosa’s mystery boyfriend was maybe Kyle’s dad? (GROSS.)

- Michael killed the girls?!


- So Max can not only heal people, but he can also heal hospitals, too?


Seriously. Stop making me like you, Kyle Valenti.

Honorable mention: Whomever came up with the “Men in Black Out Special” for the Crashdown Cafe. I see you, punny person.


“There’s a reason God put a cage around your heart. People don’t need other people. We need armor.”—Rosa

“I don’t know how to thank you.”—Liz
“Free fries for life?”—Kyle
“You’ve already been stealing them for 20 years.”—Liz

“Didn’t I ban you for life?”—Maria
“Yeah, you did. About twice a week.”—Michael

GIFs via guerined


- Does Isobel have a day job?

- What are the extent of the trio’s powers? Someone give me a guide, please.

- I know Kyle was all about the no strings sex, but he’s going to get hurt eventually, isn’t he?

- What happened the night of Rosa’s death, and who don’t the trio ask questions of?

- Who is Charlie, and why is Manes using them against Jenna? (Also, why is he such a dick?)

- Who’s Grant Green? Did I miss something, or am I just unaware of a cultural reference?

- And why don’t I believe everything’s so simple as we’re being led to believe about Rosa’s death?

Very little happened this episode. And I’m quickly tiring of Liz “I’m a rational scientist” Ortecho jumping to massive conclusions with very little evidence. But I still want answers, dangit.

Next episode: “Don’t Speak.” I hope we continue the trend of Max and Liz having tearful confessionals at the end of each episode thatdon’t lead anywhere but more heartache.

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