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YA Onscreen: Will Smith Is REAL Scary In The New ALADDIN Teaser Trailer

It was only a few seconds long but I don't know if I'll ever get that blue CGI'd Will Smith scrubbed out of my brain. Plus CHaMM finds the perfect role on Riverdale, TV's best first kisses, and more.

YA Onscreen: Will Smith Is REAL Scary In The New ALADDIN Teaser Trailer

Thanks for joining me for another week of YA Onscreen. Anyone else feeling the February fugue? I'm basically living for Spring Break right now. Let's both pretend to do work at work and read these links.

In perfect casting-the-right-person-for-the-right-role news, Riverdale has chosen Chad Michael Murray to be the face of cult leader Edgar Evernever.

Michael B Jordan has secured the rights to Marlon James’s newly released novel, Black Leopard, Red Wolf, which the author jokingly dubbed “an African Game of Thrones.”

Disney’s teaser trailer for Aladdin, the latest live-action remake of their classic cartoons, is making me say, “DO NOT WANT.” Part-CGI, part-blue-devil-nightmare Will Smith is the stuff horror movies are made of, and Jafar sounds like a bored twenty-year-old YouTuber, not an evil mastermind.

In happier Disney news, Jodi Benson (the voice of Ariel) discusses her memories of recording her iconic role and the part Ariel played in ushering in more feminist princesses like Mulan and Merida.

Still not many new details are being released, but showrunners want to assure us that the returning Veronica Mars mini-series will feature an adult Veronica Mars, a woman with real-world issues and contemporary problems. Mmmkay.

WarnerMedia is following the lead of every other annoying media conglomerate and launching their own streaming service at some point in the near future. Its likely Friends will find its new home there, along with possibly newer CW shows that currently reside on Netflix. UGH, I say. UGH. Also, I refuse to sign up for one more individual streaming service. Stop the madness!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel got together to discuss (500) Days of Summer on its ten-year anniversary.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans are about to be watching the show where it happens when Lin Manuel Miranda guest-stars in an upcoming episode in March.

TV’s best first kisses. Is your favorite on there?

I’m not a huge Rebel Wilson fan (you’ve seen her play one role, you’ve seen ‘em all) but I do love Anne Hathaway, and their new buddy comedy where they play con artists looks mildly entertaining (I did LOL at the last scene with the garbage bags):

Some mild spoilers about season two from the ladies of Big Little Lies.

A bunch of casting news for the Netflix Dolly Parton anthology. My residual love for Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time made this tidbit particularly interesting: Colin O’Donoghue is playing the title role of JJ Sneed. The episode, set in the 1880s, “centers on a feisty young woman trapped in a mundane existence who dreams of more, until a seductive outlaw pulls her into the adventure of a lifetime.”

That’s it for the week. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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