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YA Onscreen: Submitted For The Approval Of The Midnight Society—A Reboot

Are You Afraid of the Dark? is coming back as a movie and a reboot, plus a Gaiman/Henson Company collab and a Golden Girls cruise!

YA Onscreen: Submitted For The Approval Of The Midnight Society—A Reboot

This week’s YA Onscreen is brought to you by Sara Bareilles’ new song, “Fire”, which I have been listening to on repeat since she released it Friday. Be glad this isn’t a video post, because I cannot stop myself from singing. Feel free to hum along to yourself as you check out the latest. 

We heard that All That is coming back, but my personal favorite, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, is also making a mini-series comeback later this year

Disney’s Descendants 3 has a teaser trailer and first look synopsis

Who else is down for a Golden Girls themed cruise next year!? They had me at cheesecake bar.

Alicia Witt is spending some time in lock-up in season 7 of Orange is the New Black

Neil Gaiman is teaming up with the Henson Company to reboot a spooky anthology series from the ‘80s called The Storyteller

We’re finally getting the second half of that season of Arrested Development Netflix made. I want to be excited, but if I watch it I know I’m gonna have to go back and re-watch the first half (since I barely remember the plots), and that sounds exhausting. 

Friends From College has been cancelled after its second season premiered only a few weeks ago. They were all terrible people, so they kind of deserved it… 

Netflix had quite a few shows on the chopping block this week. The Punisher and Jessica Jones have also been cut, though we will see the final season of Jessica Jones

The CW’s Nancy Drew is moving along with the newly announced Nancy and George castings, newcomer Kennedy McMann and rebooted Charmed’s Leah Lewis. 

Anyone watched The Umbrella Academy? We saw the first episode the other night, and I’m not overly wowed but willing to keep going for now. Here’s some of the differences between the comic and the show

That’s it for the week! Let me know what we missed below.

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