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Welcome To Teen Queen Madness

FYA's March Madness tournament is back!

Welcome To Teen Queen Madness

After taking 2018 off, FYA's March Madness is back! In other words: YAS KWEEN. But, like -- actually.

In the past, FYA readers have chosen their favourite book, movie, TV show, heartthrob, OTP, and BFFs. And now it's finally happening: Teen Queen Madness 2019.

Over the next six weeks, 64* competitors will face off in head-to-head matchups until one is crowned the ultimate teen queen. (Or queens, since there are a few who have been entered as a team.) 

Behold -- THE BRACKET. (A printable PDF version will be released after the wild card winner has been determined.)


(1) Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. (16) Wild card winner
(8) Brittany Snow vs. (9) Shannen Doherty
(5) Winona Ryder vs. (12) Chloe Grace Moretz
(4) Katie Holmes vs. (13) Lili Reinhart
(6) Michelle Williams vs. (11) Neve Campbell
(3) Lindsay Lohan vs. (14) Raven Symone
(7) Julia Stiles vs. (10) Christina Ricci
(2) Kristen Bell vs. (15) Kate Bosworth


(1) Emma Watson vs. (16) Amandla Stenberg
(8) Lucy Hale vs. (9) Rachael Leigh Cook
(5) Gabrielle Union vs. (12) Larisa Oleynik
(4) Amanda Bynes vs. (13) Alyssa Milano
(6) Leighton Meester vs. (11) Alexis Bledel
(3) Britney Spears vs. (14) Tiffany
(7) Mandy Moore vs. (10) Reese Witherspoon
(2) Kristen Stewart vs. (15) Mayim Bialik


(1) Alicia Silverstone vs. (16) Lana Condor
(8) Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. (9) Brandy
(5) Miley Cyrus vs. (12) Destiny's Child
(4) Taylor Swift vs. (13) Keri Russell
(6) Tia & Tamera Mowry vs. (11) Tiffani Amber Thiessen
(3) Blake Lively vs. (14) Debbie Gibson
(7) Jennifer Lawrence vs. (10) Camila Mendes
(2) Kirsten Dunst vs. (15) Zendaya


(1) Molly Ringwald vs. (16) Maisie Williams
(8) Anne Hathaway vs. (9) Danielle Fishel
(5) Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen vs. (12) Rachel Bilson
(4) Emma Stone vs. (13) Dakota Fanning
(6) Melissa Joan Hart vs. (11) Sophia Bush
(3) Hillary Duff vs. (14) Hailee Steinfeld
(7) Nina Dobrev vs. (10) America Ferrera
(2) Claire Danes vs. (15) Kiernan Shipka

"What about the 16th seed in Sassy, soon to be slayed by SMG?"

That's where we need your help! There's going to be a play-in game for the final spot in the tournament, and we want your nominations! (More deets below.)

"Wow, we collectively stanned an awesome albeit not very diverse bunch of queens!"

Right?! I was so impressed by the calibre of our queens -- so many Oscar winners! -- but am ever hopeful that representation in pop culture will become more inclusive and give us the type of queens whom we've never had before.


"This is not a question I'd imagine anybody asking, but it's information that I'd like to convey anyway. Is this year's March Madness going to run until mid-April like it has in years before?"

No, it is not! We're starting off with one round of polls per week, like we've usually done, but then the schedule's going to speed up once the Elite Eight arrives so there's less waiting once there are fewer polls. Basically, come visit us ALL.THE.TIME. to make sure you don't miss a thing!


So which teen queen should be added to this tournament? To make things more fun, please include the name and a teen queen-era photo of your wild card nominee. Just one per comment, please, so that we're clear about which teen queen you're talking about. Upvote and lobby for your favourites!

The top two candidates will duke it out in the play-in game on Wednesday, with the winner announced along with bracket challenge instructions on Friday, and Teen Queen Madness officially starting next Monday.

Mandy Wan's photo About the Author: Residing in Edmonton, AB, Mandy unabashedly loves YA lit, frozen desserts, and terrible puns.