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Teen Queen Madness: Seventeen, Round One

Choose your Teen Queen fighter!

Teen Queen Madness: Seventeen, Round One

Welcome back to the best March Madness: Teen Queen Madness! I'm here today to guide you through the Seventeen bracket, and it's a toughie, guys. Hold on to your butts.

First up, let's check out our interactive bracket:

Now, friends, it's time to CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER.

(1) Alicia Silverstone vs. (16) Lana Condor

TATBILB was FYA's fave/most gushed about movie of 2018 for sure, but Clueless is my fave/most gushed about movie, like, of the last 20 years. No competition for me here - what about you?

(8) Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. (9) Brandy

Have You Ever been so torn between two votes??? Can't Hardly Wait to see who wins this round. wink

(5) Miley Cyrus vs. (12) Destiny's Child

Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana is basically double the Teen Queen, double the fun. But Destiny's Child brought us Beyonce. HOW TO CHOOSE.

(4) Taylor Swift vs. (13) Keri Russell

I mean, one is TAYLOR SWIFT. But the other is FELICITY. This will be a tough match.

(6) Tia & Tamara Mowry vs. (11) Tiffani Amber Thiessen

Kelly Kapowski basically invented crop tops, but does it get more teen queen than having a sitcom where you get to use your real first name for your character?

(3) Blake Lively vs. (14) Debbie Gibson

Debbie is an OG teen queen, but Blake was the queen of the UES. This vote may be purely generational.

(7) Jennifer Lawrence vs. (10) Camila Mendes

This one's gonna be a Hunger Games-style fight to the death for one competitor...personally, my loyalties lie with the Mockingjay. What about you?

(2) Kirsten Dunst vs. (15) Zendaya

I love Zendaya, but Kirsten started teen-queening before she was even a teen.

Let's see those votes, people! Check back tomorrow for our final bracket, and then results will be announced on Saturday!

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