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Teen Queen Madness: Round One Results

Who made it through to Round Two? Plus: Vote in a tie-breaker!

Teen Queen Madness: Round One Results

Round One of Teen Queen Madness has officially ended, and it’s time to see who made it through to Round Two.

How did the votes shake out?

The biggest winner of the week was Kristen Bell, who beat Kate Bosworth with 95% of the vote.

Other big winners of the week were Sarah Michelle Gellar, who slayed Bianca Lawson with 87% of the vote; Claire Danes, who beat Kiernan Shipka with 82%; and Emma Store, who won over Dakota Fanning with 81%.

Let’s give these Teen Queens a polite round of applause as they exit the competition.

In the closest race of the week: We have a tie! Amanda Bynes and Alyssa Milano are both at 50%. Please cast your vote in the tie-breaker poll below; we’ll reveal the winner of the tie-breaker in the YM Bracket: Round Two post Tuesday.

This poll will close at 5 p.m. tomorrow (Monday, March 11) Central time.

Here’s where the main bracket stands now:


(1) Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. (9) Shannen Doherty
(5) Winona Ryder vs. (4) Katie Holmes
(6) Michelle Williams vs. (3) Lindsay Lohan
(7) Julia Stiles vs. (2) Kristen Bell


(1) Emma Watson vs. (9) Rachael Leigh Cook
(5) Gabrielle Union vs. TBD
(11) Alexis Bledel vs. (3) Britney Spears
(10) Reese Witherspoon vs. (2) Kristen Stewart


(1) Alicia Silverstone vs. (8) Jennifer Love Hewitt
(12) Destiny's Child vs. (13) Keri Russell
(11) Tiffani Amber Thiessen vs. (3) Blake Lively
(7) Jennifer Lawrence vs. (2) Kirsten Dunst


(1) Molly Ringwald vs. (8) Anne Hathaway
(5) Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen vs. (4) Emma Stone
(6) Melissa Joan Hart vs. (3) Hilary Duff
(10) America Ferrera vs. (2) Claire Danes

How’s your bracket fairing? Any surprise losers so far? Head to the comments to discuss! And be sure to vote in the tie-breaker!

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