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Teen Queen Madness: YM, Round Two

Let's pour one out for our fallen rulers and see who will live to fight another day!

Teen Queen Madness: YM, Round Two

Welcome back to the YM bracket, where we've already had one tie and several minor upsets. Will this week force you to make even more hard choices? Let's find out!

But first, the interactive YM bracket:

As you know, we're using the art of the gif to demonstrate the roles these ladies were best known for. Hop in your time machine, won't you?

(1) Emma Watson vs. (9) Rachael Leigh Cook

Emma Watson first stepped onto the scene when she was just a wee little thing, and then we watched her grow up over the course of the Harry Potter movies. She's gone on to grace other teen movies, of course, before doing a stint as Disney's bookish princess Belle. And you know how we love our bookworms here.

We also like other kinds of nerds, and who makes a better art nerd "outcast" than a conventionally, classically beautiful young woman who wears glasses and falls over a lot? I don't think this will be a hard choice for most folks. (I'm sorry, I deeply dislike (but still will watch when it's on) She's All That, but now is not the time for my treatise.)

Who will it be?

(5) Gabrielle Union vs. (4) Amanda Bynes

Gabrielle issues a challenge: name a more iconic duo than her and her Clovers uniform (or Bianca's Prada backpack in 10 Things I Hate About You). 

Answering the call is Amanda Bynes, and we all know She's The Man. But will she be able to defeat Gabrielle Union and get an Easy A?


(11) Alexis Bledel vs. (3) Britney Spears

We all know Alexis Bledel best as the iconic Rory Gilmore (shoutout to commenter atwoodsmariano for making this gif connection in the results post!)...

...but anyone of A Certain Age remembers when Britney exploded onto the teen scene. (I vividly remember the first time I saw the Baby One More Time video, immediately taking to AIM to ask my friends why there was a pop song about domestic violence.)

So who do you wanna see in the competition, at least one more time?

(10) Reese Witherspoon vs. (2) Kristen Stewart

Reese, another eternally youthful queen, has been in everything from Cruel Intentions to Election to the masterpiece Legally Blonde

...but will she be able to hold her throne against Kristen Stewart, Madam Twilight herself? The power is yours!


Vote early, but not often! Who are you hoping to see take the lead? The polls are open until Saturday at midnight CST, and results will be posted on Sunday.

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