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From the Bay area, Christy loves Funko Pops, ‘ships with horrible couple names, and has a really strong hash tag game. #YAForeverNEva

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Read More Superhero Sundays February 6-10

Superhero Sundays February 6-10

Kid Flash is speeding things up, Team Arrow has all the feels, and the Legends are ensuring the birth of our nation, plus all the news, recs, and trailers (oh my!) you could ever need.

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Superhero Sundays: November 21-25

It's a light week for our superheroes but that doesn't mean there's a shortage of action. Supergirl faces a familiar foe, it gets a bit bloody on Luke Cage, and things are heating up on Gotham (and cooling down on The Flash), plus all your comic recaps, news, and more - check it out!

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Superhero Sundays: October 17-21

Everyone on Gotham is double crossing while teams are forming across all our other super-shows. Come see who's joining forces, plus all your comic recaps and super news from last week! 

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Superhero Sundays: September 26-30

Luke Cage joins our small screen supes with his own Netflix Original while some big changes happen to our girl Ivy on Gotham and a team shake up takes place for our S.H.I.E.L.D. veterans. Plus all the news and comic selections you'll ever need. Check it out!