Ok y’all — it’s time to break out your Atari or original NES and get ready to GO BACK IN TIME cos it’s time for CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE – FYA STYLE (WHAT WHAT)! In a small twist on the original format, you get to VOTE on the adventure path we’ll take, and each of FYA’s amazing writers will be penning a portion of the story (and I promise it won’t be as nerdy as my favorite CYOA format, TIME MACHINE — you know, the ones where you’re young Ben Franklin). Who knows where it will lead? That’s right — we don’t even know whether you’ll get a date to the prom, or end up drained by a vampire!

Are you ready? Don’t forget to tune in Wednesday to see what happens next!

Chapter 01: If You Decide To Lean Over and Kiss Him, Turn To Page 32

You wrestle with the combination on your locker, annoyed because you’re late for class and the stupid thing never works. “Ugh, I HATE this stupid thing!” you say, as you bang on the locker door, causing it to spring open and hit you in the face. “Ow!”

“Whoa, are you ok?” OMG, it’s Finn Stevens, the hottest guy in school. Did he see the whole thing? you think. How embarrassing!

“Yeah, um, I’m file … I mean, fine.” God, could this day get any worse? “I’d better go — I’ll be late,” you stammer, and rush off before he can say anything else, then realize you’re going the opposite direction from your class. Jeez. Why am I such a spaz?

When you get to class, you realize you left your homework back in your locker. As you’re debating asking for a hall pass, the door opens and the most gorgeous guy you’ve ever seen walks in. He brushes his curly dark hair back from his piercing blue eyes and looks around, a little lost, like an adorable puppy.

“Um,” he mumbles, looking at his schedule. “Ms. Harker?”

You don’t hear your biology teacher’s reply because every girl in the room — and a few of the boys — have started whispering. “Oh my God, who is THAT?” “He’s so hot” “Move over, Whitney! I want the empty desk to be next to MINE!” This last is from Heather Cavender, of course. God, that girl will do anything for attention, you think, just as she knocks her pen to the floor, stands up then bends over suggestively to pick it up, flipping her shiny blonde hair over her shoulder as she straightens with a snap.

You look up from Heather’s impressive display of cleavage and notice the new guy standing over your desk. Oh, God.

“Hey. Mind if I sit there?” he points to the empty desk next to yours — and across the room from Heather. Sneaking a look at the class schedule on his desk, you find out his name is Neil and you also have English class together after lunch.

The rest of the morning passes in a haze of daydreams of Finn and Neil, and when the bell rings for lunch, you wonder how you managed to make it to your classes.

As you leave the cafeteria line and head for the steps into the lunchroom with your tray, Finn stands up at his table — the table — and waves you over. You’re busy staring and wondering What the hell? to notice Neil heading straight towards you. Straight into you, and your lunch tray. And the plate of spaghetti on your lunch tray, that’s now mainly on Neil. The entire 11th grade breaks into applause.

“Oh, God, I’m so sorry,” you splutter, looking frantically around.

“Need some of these?” It’s Finn, with a handful of paper towels. Where did he come from?

Do you:

A.  take the paper towels from Finn, then go sit with him at his table?

B.  take the paper towels from Finn, then apologize to Neil and ask him if you can buy him lunch to make it up?

C.  run away (for the second time today) and head off campus to cut class for the rest of the day?

Meghan is an erstwhile librarian in exile from Texas. She loves books, cooking and homey things like knitting and vintage cocktails. Although she’s around books all the time, she doesn’t get to read as much as she’d like.